This UNBELIEVABLE Study Shows EXACTLY How Much Money Trump Has Saved Taxpayers Already – You Won’t BELIEVE These Numbers!

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During his campaign, Trump promised America an economic resurrection. Trump, as a real business man, knows well what’s needed to thrive.

Trump’s inauguration day led to one of the best growth quarters in a generation.

From The Hill:

President Trump has saved taxpayers more than $86 billion in regulatory costs during his first three months in the White House, according to a new study from a conservative group.

The American Action Forum (AAF) points to several Obama-era regulations that Trump has either rolled back on his own or with the help of Republican lawmakers using the Congressional Review Act (CRA).

In just a short time in office, Trump has been on what some have called a “deregulation binge.” Clearly, no stone is being left unturned by the new administration:

This includes the Education Department’s school accountability standards, the Environmental Protection Agency’s waters of the United States rule and the so-called “blacklisting” rule for government contractors.

These are just a few examples mentioned in the report. Since taking office, Trump and Congress have repealed 13 rules with the CRA. The CRA allows lawmakers to overturn recent rules they disapprove of with a simple majority in Congress, and send the action to the president for his signature.

This is great news for an economy hampered by eight years of overbearing government.

(via: Conservative Post)

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