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[VIDEO] Former CIA Chief Goes on LIVE TV and Admits This HUGE Thing That Obama Tried To Cover Up!

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Wow. The tables are turning in a major way, and by the end of all this, someone, and someone BIG, could end up in jail.

Democrats tried to accuse President Trump of inappropriate links to Russia. But, man, oh, man has that ever turned out to be a BAD idea.

Because rather than get anything to stick to Trump, it’s Democrats themselves who’ve come out of this thing looking suspicious.

And it goes all the way to the top, right to Barack Obama!

Obama’s former CIA director admitted as much on CBS This Morning:

If Obama knew about Russian interference (which, by the way, is nothing new, nor is it unique to Russia) and did nothing, then the real question becomes WHY?

Forget about Trump.

Obama had clear knowledge of this, but only starting making a stink AFTER Trump won the election.

Something is VERY fishy here. And Obama’s hoping Americans are either too stupid or too disinterested to take this to its logical conclusion.


(via: Conservative Post)

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