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CNN Caught BEGGING Viewers To Ignore This HUGE Democratic Scandal – This is PATHETIC!

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CNN Politics editor-at-large Chris Cillizza issued an absurd request to his readers Friday that demonstrated just how far the mainstream media will go to try to control the narrative and push its agenda.

In a piece for CNN, Cillizza pleaded with the American people and the media to stop talking about disgraced sex offender and former Democratic congressman Anthony Weiner.

“Can we now stop talking about Anthony Weiner? Like, forever?” Cillizza begged in the headline of the piece.

Cillizza said it’s no secret that Weiner is a pervert and craves attention — even if it is negative.

“Let’s not get back on that ride. No matter what he says or how much remorse he expresses, it’s clear that attention fuels Weiner. It’s his lifeblood. So let’s not give it to him,” he wrote.

Cillizza claimed that we should move on to more important issues.

“He’s an example of a bad apple that makes politicians — and, to be honest, people — look bad,” Cillizza wrote. And by “people” he means Democrats, of course.

There are many reasons why Cillizza would want everyone to stop talking about Weiner and it’s hard to think of a good one.

Democrats would probably like everyone to just forget about the fact that Weiner has some rather disturbing connections to former Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, as Weiner’s soon-to-be ex-wife Huma Abedin was one of Clinton’s most trusted advisers.

It’s no secret that if a Republican had done the disgusting things Weiner did, CNN and the liberal media would have wall-to-wall coverage for weeks. If President Donald Trump’s habit of eating two scoops of ice cream while everyone else at the table got one scoop deserves CNN’s media attention, an actual crime by a prominent Democrat politician certainly deserves at least the same treatment.

There’s no denying that Democrats and Republicans focus on each other’s scandals, but the idea that the media should dictate what’s worth discussing is disturbing.

But that won’t stop CNN from trying.

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