Twitter Reportedly Knew About Manchester Attack HOURS Before – But Didn’t Tell Police Because of One STUPID Reason!

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It was just revealed that the website Twitter had been warned about the deadly attack in Manchester last night that left many little girls dead or seriously injured.

The website, which monitors their posts for “radical content”, noticed this tweet warning of the attack and exact location HOURS in advance.

Unfortunately, the geniuses over at Twitter apparently decided it was not worth reporting this clear threat that also says #manchesterarena on it to the cops for this sick reason:

Twitter said telling police was against their “privacy policy.”

What the literal FUDGE?! This is coming from the company that felt justified in removing pro-Trump content and censoring videos. Apparently stopping terrorists is where they draw the line.

Oh, and let’s not forget that Twitter has been the go-to for almost all ISIS communication since the very beginning. That is a real problem and now many are dead thanks to their choices.

So, yes. I would say that Twitter and their alleged “leaders” have a Hell of a lot to answer for. While not taking action may not be a crime, facilitating ISIS for this long is no laughing matter.

We know the media won’t hold them accountable. Not like they should. After all, they always protect their buddies. That’s why it’s up to us to share this around, make our voices heard, and make Twitter pay for what they did to those poor, innocent little girls.

(via: Liberty Writers)

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