Here’s All The Times That The Liberal Media LIED About Scandals To Try and RUIN Trump’s Reputation

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Donald Trump has been president for only a few months, and liberals have tried their best to run his name and presidential policies through the mud – an effort that has been proven by the list of these fabricated stories that were picked up by the national media.


Most of the stories deal with liberals mad at the election results and feeling the need to label the leader of our country a “vindictive racist dictator,” something that he is surely not by any stretch of the imagination.

The first one on the list made national headlines by when someone claimed that he was  thrown off a delta flight because he was a Muslim speaking Arabic to his mother on a phone. An event that was later proven to be a hoax in order to smear Trump.


The next on the list highlights the IQ level of these anti-Trump protestors. In a small predominantly black town in Mississippi, a pastor burned his own church and riddled it with Trump graffiti in efforts to stir up an already divided country. He was later arrested for the acts he did to his own church.


The list continues with a story everyone should be familiar with. A Muslim teen claimed she had her hajib ripped off her head by a Trump supporter.

The teen, Yasmin Seweid, later admitted she lied because American society forced her to in order to be heard. She was later charged with filing a false police report.


When you go as far as decimating your own home, you may need to have a mental check. A Texas man, who was presumably a Hillary Clinton supporter, wrote “N*gger Lover” on his garage door in order to get the neighborhood to switch to his political ideology.


There is apparently a plan to portray President Trump as a supporter of the Alt-Right Movement created by the liberals to make him look like a bombastic racist.

The liberals took it one step further by claiming Trump supporters spray painted swastikas on a sidewalk. It was later proven to be a 20-year-old Muslim man who was upset with Trump immigration policy.


The last fake hate crime on the list regards Trump’s plan on building the wall to keep illegal immigrants out of America. Elon University students found written on the white board “Bye Bye Latinos Hasta La Vista.”

It was later proven to be a Hispanic student who was mad at Trump over the wall proposal who wrote the note.


The list will surely continue to grow, but as long as we have educated men and women in office, it shouldn’t stop Trump and his cabinet members from Making America Great Again.

(via: Controversial Times)

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