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Trump Just Bombed The HELL Out of Syria – Terrorists Are FREAKING OUT!

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You can bet that Assad of Syria and Vladimir Putin are FUMING over what President Trump just did in Syria today.

First, we learned that Bashar al-Assad used chemical bombs on his own people. Then, the Pentagon told us that he has a massive crematorium he uses to execute THOUSANDS of his opponents.

It looks like Trump was sick and tired of their crimes against humanity and decided to lay the law down because…

The US just bombed the Hell out of a bunch of pro-Syria Rebels.

Okay, so what happened was the US aligned coalition forces were busy training out in their usual spot to fight ISIS. Out of nowhere, a bunch of Syrian and Iranian rebels show up and start attacking our guys. NOT GOOD.

The coalition picks up their America-phone, calls up the Pentagon, and moments late “BOOM!” Bombs are raining from the sky

Bombs are raining from the sky, hellfire is purging the battlefield, and in the midsts of the ashes our side managed to come out victorious.

I think the message from the Donald Trump administration is clear as day here: If you have our back, we WILL have yours. 

Now, let’s get this shared out to everyone and see who really does have our back…

(via: Liberty Writers)


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