President Trump Just Announced His UNBELIEVABLE Front-Runner For New FBI Director!

President Donald Trump has been working hard to figure out who would replace James Comey as the next FBI Director. After a week of interviews and roughly 10 names floated, Trump has finally decided who his top pick is.

Earlier today, when he was swarmed by reporters, a voice asked the President who his top pick for FBI Director was. The answer was shocking…

Donald Trump said his #1 pick right now for the next Director of the FBI is Joe Lieberman., t
That’s right, Democrat Joe Lieberman is currently Trump’s frontrunner for the top job. This is the same guy who ran as Al Gore’s Vice President back in 2000.

Lieberman is an interesting pick for sure. He has no experience with the FBI or a federal judgeship. However, what he does have is an absolute HATE for classified leaks.

It is believed that President Trump selected Lieberman because he has openly endorsed PROSECUTING newspapers and journalists who publish leaked classified information.

It’s actually a pretty genius move. Trump’s biggest annoyance right now are the fibbing press and their anonymous “insiders.” This way he shuts the democrats and the leakers up in a single move.

Well, this is what Trump wants either way. It’s our duty now to help get this shared out and let HIM know whether you think Lieberman is a good pick or not.

(via: Liberty Writers)

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