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POLL: Should Harvard Host a ‘Black-Only’ Graduation Ceremony For African-America Students?

Harvard University, one  of the nation’s oldest and most respected institutions, is being pressured by certain groups to host a “black-only” graduation ceremony for its African-American students.

Should this be something that Harvard does for its students?

65 comments on “POLL: Should Harvard Host a ‘Black-Only’ Graduation Ceremony For African-America Students?
  1. Ted Bishop on said:

    A Blacks Only means that there will be a Whites Only also. The minorities will never go along with that.

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  2. are they trying to keep blacks out of the white ceremony or whites out of the black ceremony, either way it looks like discrimination

    • homer1057 on said:

      I get sooooo sick of this DISCRIMINATION thing! can’t people THINK for themselves or do they just follow the party line! Discrimination is a PART of life, everyone does this. They must discriminate to have any sanity! I mean IF you never discriminate between the different lights at the corner you will have trouble! IF people can NOT discriminate between evil and good, right and wrong etc then there is trouble! IF a state, or media outlet or a nation or national group of people can call you sick or perverted because you can discriminate between a coke and gas, then you really do follow the party line and are NOT a thinking individual, but are the puppet someone wants you to be! You believe all that “Doublespeak”! “FINALLY” Websters Dictionary 1828 “Discrimination” The act of discriminating; “The act of Observing a difference”..able to make distinctions! NOW how about that! Noah Webster said this in 1828!

  3. Countryboy72 on said:

    Separate Graduation ceremonies are we going back in time? and for the blacks al Sharpton probably will be guest speaker

  4. David Fox on said:

    it’s bad that “colored” people at Harvard are such bigots and idiots… What level of blackness is required? Will they let obama to attend? If – yes, than WHY – he is not black enough

  5. Darlene Pundt on said:

    are we going backward on racism? If we suggested that in the 70s there would have been riots. What’s wrong with this world

  6. Christine on said:

    If they get what they want,then there’s NoWAY BACK! Remember that! If segregation is what they want then give it to them! NO WAY BACK!

  7. Beirish65 on said:

    If Harvard wants to continue to promote racism then have a black only graduation. But if Harvard wants to promote unity and one big happy family here at Harvard then everybody graduates together.

    • mamadoc on said:

      It isn’t Harvard that promoted the all black graduation, It was/is the black students at Harvard who, somehow, want to return to segregation — probably because they just might not like whites

      • Marie Palmatier on said:

        Or mamadoc, it just might be those “progressive profs” that want to stir up more trouble!

        • mamadoc on said:

          you may be absolutely right; but it is probably a combination of the knee-jerk leftist professors and the entitled black student. Whatever, it is ridiculous

      • Beirish65 on said:

        Well I really don’t think it matters if the black students wanted segregation or not. The fact that any part of the student body that wants to segregate from the other should not be allowed if we want to stop racism and open up a dialogue and conversation about how we can treat each other better and find things that we agree on and have common ground on and work on those things that we don’t have common ground on and come to a consensus to make everybody work towards peace and harmony for all of humanity.

  8. Roy Baird on said:

    isn’t that illegal? isn’t that segregation? isn’t that RACIST? what the hell am I missing here??? Just the discussion of the topic is enough to start a riot….

      • Freddy fudpucker on said:

        If you cut the tail off monkey you still have a monkey” Charlie Chan movie Honolulu 1938

    • homer1057 on said:

      NO Roy, Segregation is NOT illegal, people do it all the time, admit that! And what is wrong w/Segregation? You also do it all the time! Racism is NOTHING more than realizing the difference in RACES! There is a difference, and that is the way GOD made us, NOT clones, to be exactly alike! The problem lies not in an all Black Graduation class, BUT that there are those who SCREAM Racism when they themselves desire to be separate! What would happen IF Harvard happened to have an “ALL” White Grad class? Who would scream the loudest? You KNOW who and you know I am right! Just tire of this worldly preaching of all races and all sexes and everyone is exactly alike, when THAT, NEVER has been, NOR ever will be true! Genesis 9:20-27 KJV

      • Roy Baird on said:

        Good points Homer. My remarks where tong-in-cheek of what these Blacks would say, not what I would say. The phrase “All men are created equal” does not mean everyone has the same as everyone else. But so many take that slant. it means everyone has the same choices in life, no matter the color, race, sex or religion. They CHOSE to continue to be “slaves” of the state. They CHOSE to continue to want to be different and not fit into the American Citizen mold. Stop!! I am not saying nor do I mean these statements apply to ALL non-white folks. It does not. Many Blacks are as put out as we are about these stupid acts and the Black on Black murders.
        We DON’T try to have a WHITE only anything because we KNOW in our hearts it is not right…

  9. rrkeng on said:

    This is insane….Maybe there should be a Black Harvard University and a White University and an Asian Harvard University and a Hispanic Harvard University and each ethnicity pays for their own.

  10. Jane Jessee on said:

    Knock yourself out!!! all you do is create chaos for the rest of us. Enjoy your “segregated” ceramony: I am sure the whites will enjoy theirs as YOU WONT be included, in all likelihood.

    • Ron Gonshorowski on said:

      Oh no, whites not allowed in their ceremony, but blacks HAVE to be permitted in all the ceremonies.

      • Beverly Levitt on said:

        Law suites need to be filed. This needs to be nipped in the bud as we go backwards at an alarming rate over nothing but an Administration that did it’s level best to cause division. I’m not sure this Republic will ever fully recover from what has been done. It won’t be in my life time and it saddens me deeply for the children.

  11. VirgoVince on said:

    They WANT segregation, give it to them, MAKE the naacp and blm PAY FOR IT!!
    Just as STUPID coming out as they were going in, thanks to liberal asshole profs!!
    FUK a few more useless ugly niggers!!

  12. Paul Showalter on said:


  13. rac647 on said:

    Why not, if these cry babies are so embarrassed by their class standing they need to have a private graduation ceremony then do it. In fact, how about doing it for all of the students. Let’s see, that would mean ceremonies for German, French, Italian, Rumanian, Russian, Belgian, Irish, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Polish, Japanese, Hawaiian, Australian, New Zealand, Chinese, Indian, Pakistan, not to mention Jewish, Morman, Christian, Islamic and on and on and on. Political correctness is going to be the death of us yet. People need to get a grip, suck it up and get on with life. Oh, I’m sorry, forgive me I’m sure I left some group out. Geez!!!!!!

  14. Steve V on said:

    “Separate but equal” is one of the stated goals of the KKK. I wonder what made these (reportedly) well educated people decide to give in and capitulate to the demands of the white supremacists? What’s next…demands to be allowed to ride in the back of the bus?

  15. Them days were over 100 years ago. If the Democrats had not put Obama in our White House there would been no problems!

  16. Amy C on said:

    can you IMAGINE the noise they would make and the riots that would happen if they did a caucasion ONLY graduation or had the United Caucasion College Fund? The special privelige that they are getting is out of control as NO RACE should get more rights than another.

  17. debra allen on said:

    I agree with Jan for if black ceremony wants just blacks they are discriminating and if whites just want white ceremony they are let it be all together. the whole thing is stupid

  18. used_to_be_a_liberal on said:

    Go ahead snowflakes segregate yourselves, then after you graduate don’t complain when you apply to a white-mans business, and you are told thanks but no thanks.

  19. Jackbat on said:

    If it comes to that SHT, then I say shut the sonofabitch down, lock and board the damn doors !!!

  20. Tonya Parnell on said:


  21. 5dixieleet7 on said:

    Not just “no”, but hell no. Every time a demand like this is accepted, these axxhats up the ante.

  22. Gramma76 on said:

    Thought they wanted to be equal. Can’t be equal if treated defferently. Do they want to be a part of America if so do not give them any special treatment. We do not have white only ceremonie!! Wish they would ,make up theior minds. equal or different!!!

  23. Wanda Dixon on said:

    If they wanted an all black graduation–then they should have attended an all black university.

  24. Susan Misa on said:

    The biggest question here is of what percentage of African American do you have to be for this? If you are 50% black and 50% white would you be able to attend this or do you have to go to the white only graduation. Maybe they would need a graduation of mixed race also? Or maybe they just go by who you relate to, whether it’s white or black just like that women Raquel who claimed to be black but was really white. This could of also started where one of the colleges for the past 20 years (might be Harvard) that has a Hispanic Only graduation. I really thought (before Obama) that we could all consider ourselves Americans and just have one graduation for all, but I guess everything has to go backwards because if history is not learned it must repeat itself.

  25. Bruce on said:

    Considering that “Harvard” was, in it’s inception as a college, was instituted to be a Preachers college! Street preachers and Pastors came out of Harvard! Now; we have mental midgets who go there to just look like the know something, when they don’t! And oh by the way, IF whites said this same thing, the Blacks would scream bloody freeking murder, but, it’s OK for them to do this! Why NOT just go back to complete segregation, after all that’s “EXACTLY” what GOD’s/Jesus said we should do, “BE YE SEPARATE” 2 Corinthians 6:17 and about 25 other places! GOD/Jesus is a GREAT Separator!

  26. homer1057 on said:

    The ones who scream “Racism” the most are the ones who are the most Racist! The problem lies NOT w/the fact that some would like to be segregated, but the FACT that they themselves hate the FACT that there are others who also may want to be segregated! It’s OK for a Black to do this, but, it’s not OK for a white to do! ILLOGICAL!

  27. johninnil on said:

    What’s wrong with graduating with the rest of the class? Isn’t that discrimination? Isn’t that what blacks fought so hard to prevent? Something is terribly wrong with all of this, to even suggest it. A graduating class is the whole class not black students, Asian students, women students, older students etc. there shouldn’t be any specific graduation for any group other than “graduate”.

  28. Julian Galindo on said:

    that is descrimination 100% clear you dont need to look twice,
    if harvard make that event only white then you jump to the street to vandalize,you call that white descriminating black,come on please.

  29. Larae Hamilton on said:

    In this school the coloreds are not the only one at this college. If they want to be the only color there than let them go to all black college they do have them, Harvard is a mixest of nationalities, And they all should be proud of themselves that they made it, now the hard part going out there and look for that job they went to college to learn to do and do their best to get harder. I SAY WTG YOUNG WOMEN AND MEN.

  30. it would only be illegal if the white were wanting an all white graduation, because blacks cannot be racist

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