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POLL: Do You Support North Carolina’s New Law That Will PROTECT A Driver Who Hits a Protestor Who Is In The Street Illegally?

Do you support the new law being passed in North Carolina that will protect a driver who hits a protestor who is blocking a street illegally?

18 comments on “POLL: Do You Support North Carolina’s New Law That Will PROTECT A Driver Who Hits a Protestor Who Is In The Street Illegally?
  1. Gerry Costa on said:

    ABSOLUTELY !!!! I think that is the only way this crap will end. Every state should adopt the same law.

  2. armyisnumber1 on said:

    YES, YES, YES. Since the imbeciles want to stand in the pathway of vehicles, then I say go ahead and drive right over them. Maybe, just maybe these morons might learn. Hey you know they old saying… “you asked for it, you got it”. This is THEIR CALL and not the drivers. Now, if we could only get the other 49 states to wise up like North Carolina. I guess they (No. Car.) are smarter than the rest of us.

    • Susan P on said:

      Brings to mind an old adage… “Be careful what you ask for as you just might get it”.

      My personal opinion is that any person who attempts to block traffic as a form of protest is really just auditioning for the coming year’s Darwin Awards.

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    • luckypotter on said:

      yes like Maine needs this same law!! I am a 70 year old bastard. I will run them over. three hots & a bunk, with free medical 106 channel cable TV, rec halls ect prison is good in amine. don’t know many seniors that live free as good!! Run the snow flakes over!!

  3. Ellen Abanathy on said:

    I think it is the best thing and yes all other states should do the same. They are idiots and have nothing better to do, for starters take way all government funding if they get any since they don’t have anything better to do but terrorize people. Keep on trucking

  4. Susan P on said:

    These protesters who are blocking traffic are already breaking the law. They should all be arrested and charged. But, since most police are being ordered to stand down and not do their jobs, any protester who is injured or killed while breaking the law is responsible for their own injures or death. The person using the roadway for the purpose it was intended should NOT be charged with any crime. Blocking traffic endangers innocent life as well as the life of the protester. Getting run down is justice for their crimes.

  5. Countryboy72 on said:

    Absolutely support NC Law. How many times do they need to be told? If they tie the police’s hands then hey common sense tells you people have to work, ambulances need to save lives, truckers need to deliver product, buses need to transport people. They need to get out of the road and get a job. Soros must be paying exceptionally well, with all the people that are able to protest. Maybe that is why they still live at home and have no ambition to make a difference just to destroy. I bet their parents are not thrilled knowing they will have to support them for the rest of their lives and probably are embarrassed by them, and it makes me wonder, do they do this to their parents? Are their parents afraid of them?

  6. Vince on said:

    Yes I do not care what state I am in, if some fool is stupid enough to stand in front of my car on a highway, and is not just crossing the street is road meat. And will get run over. No NO PERSON HAS THE RIGHT TO BLOCK THE ROAD, what if a fire truck is on it’s way to a fire or a medical emergency. These DEMOTARDS are out of hand and deserve any thing they get. And I hope it is jail time, or better yet handcuffed in a hospital bed.

  7. William J. Dager on said:

    I vote YES, but with one caveat. I would not run over a person who is non-threatening unless my trip is an emergency run to the hospital, especially for a sick or injured family member, then my family and personal interests come first. If I am on my way to work, I will hesitate with a warning that they had better move. If they don’t, I will give them ten seconds and I step on the gas. They can get their own transportation to the hospital.

  8. ShortysSportsGrill . on said:

    Yes. They are impeding traffic and that is against the law. They should also get a ticket for doing so after you run them over.

  9. D. Wright Downs on said:

    Blocking the street, that is my path. I stop for no one. If they are not in the cross walk they are open game, according to the law in most states. No brains, feel the pain

  10. Beverly Levitt on said:

    By blocking me, the are in fact holding me against my will and preventing me from going about my life. I consider that being kidnapped. Being held against my will by anyone, is a threat to my well being and puts my being at risk and makes me fear for my life. I WILL run you down.

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