Caitlyn Jenner Plans To Challenge Trump For 2020 Republican Nomination

Olympic hero-turned-reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner says he might run for political office. The 2015 Glamour Woman of the Year recipient says his anger at President Donald Trump and Republicans in general regarding LGBT issues is what’s fueling his interest for political life.

Jenner, 67, recently criticized Trump, whom he voted for in the 2016 election, for abolishing former President Barack Obama’s overreaching transgender bathroom directive which forced all publicly-funded schools to dictate bathroom and locker-room use by “gender identity,” as opposed to biological sex, at the threat of revoked funding and lawsuits.

He’s also complained about the Republican Party’s stance toward his “community.”

“I do a lot of political stuff, but it’s mostly behind-the-scenes,” Jenner told the BCC on Friday.

“Over the next year I’m looking into it. I have to be very smart about this — where can I do a better job for my community, in bringing the Republican party around to LGBT issues?” he continued. “Is it from the outside — working from the perimeter, working with everybody to get Republicans to change their thinking? Or is it better off being on the inside — running for Senate or a Congress seat. Can I do more good there? Those are the things I’m evaluating,” he said.

The former Olympian also noted that “the best thing the Republican party can do is do a better job on LGBT issues.”

“I am a big supporter of my community and that is what I’m fighting for,” he declared.

Famously, then-candidate Trump said that trans people, including Jenner, should “use the bathroom they feel is appropriate.” Anything else would be “discriminatory,” he further suggested, much to the frustration of many conservatives.

Last month, Jenner revealed that Trump invited him to play golf when they saw one another at the inauguration. The reality TV star said he is no longer interested due to Trump’s actions on LGBT issues.

“I thought Trump would be better on these issues … because I’ve talked to him,” he said.

Jenner continued: “He does a lot of good things, he hires a lot of gay people, and so I thought maybe he’d be okay for a Republican, he could make some changes.”

The reality star is convinced Trump is being “influenced by people around him.”

58 comments on “Caitlyn Jenner Plans To Challenge Trump For 2020 Republican Nomination
  1. michael a on said:

    Hell no way in hell that Jenner ever becomes president, he/she is too much of an idiot to even think people of America would ever vote for that fool.

      • VirgoVince on said:

        Sorry, ovomit was NEVER ‘elected’ at all, his ‘votes’ were ALL bought and paid for, stolen, rigged and fudged!! That’s how he got MORE votes than there were registered voters in too many precincts/districts!! EVERYTHING about ovomit is a FRAUD and HOAX!! he’s NOT LEGIT!!

        • Marjorie Lee Peterson on said:

          He NEVER was a legitimate President. Everything he ever did should be declared null and void. Hey! President Trump has already done a lot to make sure that happens! God bless him!

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        • Stella Hassan Kuperberg on said:

          Virgo, you are a genius. Perfectly said thank you. Finally Aman who states the absolute truth

          • VirgoVince on said:

            Thank you, Stella, but FAR from a genius, I just ‘Tell it Like it IS’!!

        • Jackbat on said:

          You damn straight !! Katylin Jenner is a damn queerbait freek I wouldn’t vote for that crazy piece of SHT for street sweeper !! And yes Odumbo sure as hell didn’t win any damn election fair or square !! FUK that corrupt bastard !!🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕him!!

      • curmudgeon VN Veteran on said:

        There are untold numbers of lunatics here in America walking among us and the loony-toons do vote!

  2. DODGERS1955 on said:

    maybe he/she Obama and he/she jenner should get together and run for president and vice president.lmao id love to see how much they would loose by and be hilmilliated

  3. laundryman01 on said:

    How would he,she,it,whatever run.Could he,she,it,whatever start a new party? What could the name be.What would the platform be,free surgeries and implants for everyone. Got to be a joke.

  4. Poster child for what’s wrong with this country!! Somebody give it a toaster to make a strudel, to go with its bubbly!!!!

  5. Janet on said:

    Not a chance that I would vote for Jenner. He/She is an idiot in the first place and fighting for an issue that would totally be a non-issue if the LBGT community would act like normal heterosexual people do by keeping their preferences and sexual activity behind closed doors instead of flaunting it. It use to be that numerous gay couples just went about their business and didn’t need special parades or to draw attention to themselves. Now they exploit the whole idea and wonder why society gets upset. If you are doing surgery, when you get to the point that you appear more feminine than masculine or vice versa, there should be no question of which bathroom is appropriate. It is people like Jenner that make it a big deal and that is more what people object to more than anything. These people need to wake up and smell the roses. No different than the Blacks rioting and looting when they are upset at law enforcement or something else. People begin to associate them with a low level of society and criminal behavior, etc., but then they wonder why people become more and more prejudice when they never were before. MLK worked peacefully and abhorred destructive behavior and managed to more to begin the process of reversing prejudice and the associated behavior. Most people could care less about the color of your skin, but do care about your behavior and your positive work towards becoming a responsible contributing member of society.

    • Well said, You are very intellegent maybe you should run in 2020 just saying, you would have a chance at least. Jenner would not!

    • nrahat on said:

      Come on Janet, let’s put the English Language back the way it used to be. The queers are not gay, they are queer. Gay used to be a decent word. You know like I feel so happy and gay. Heard my parents use that word way back when, and they defiantly were not queer because here I am. Those people are not gay they are QUEER. Let’s get our English Language back again the way it used to be. San Francisco in the 1960 march, “WERE HERE, WERE QUEER”. That says it all.

    • Merlene Fuller on said:

      We’ve already tolerated one idiot– OdumbAss doesn’t know what gender goes to which rest room..America sure doesn’t need another one.

    • Rob Porter on said:

      Believe me, he’s just a confused man. After dealing with transgenderism for almost 40 years the famous John Hopkins hospital came to realize that transgenderism is a “mental disorder” and that a person cannot change their sex.

      • julie s on said:

        OK if transgenderism is a “mental disorder” wouldn’t We the People have to be crazy too if we elected that fruitcake? Good grief what a revolting development this is. BAhahahaha Downright comical

        • Rob Porter on said:

          Yes, you’d have to be crazy. You can Google the John Hopkins report on transgenderism. It’s very interesting. Until reading it I was clueless about this subject, but, among other things, now know that among those who have ‘re-assignment surgery’, the suicide rate is either 20 or 22 times higher than the normal rate. That tells us enough. Doesn’t Jenner just look pathetic in the bath tub!

          • julie s on said:

            Rob, thanks for advising me on the John Hopkins report. I am interested in straight answers from a reliable source so I will certainly read it. I feel people should be informed on all happenings in this world today, as nothing seems too outlandish or farfetched as to be impossible. You’re right the bathtub pic was not a good choice if he is planning on entering the presidential race. Let’s pray that is another of those “fake” news.

  6. Paul Showalter on said:


      • Merlene Fuller on said:

        ANYONE with more money, than good sense ( jenner, nasty pee licey, shumer, etc. etc) IS DANGEROUS and should be institutionalized and someone else take over their finances…
        Sure do not need to be in any place that makes laws FOR A WHOLE COUNTRY!!!!

  7. Marjorie Lee Peterson on said:

    I just can’t believe that ANYONE, including LGBT would vote for anyone who is and looks like a man in a dress, no matter what he did to himself! To me Bruce will always be Bruce, not Caitlin! He still looks and sounds like a MAN!! NOT for President of the USA which calls for a dignified person! NO WAY!!!

  8. Susan P on said:

    Jenner is certainly a candidate for residence in a rubber room IF he thinks any conservative would ever cast a vote for him. Challenge Trump for the Republican nomination in 2020? RIDICULOUS in the EXTREME!

  9. Last of the patriots on said:

    The only thing this mentally ill person needs, is severe counseling, and be lock up in a nut house. These people are sick, Plain and simple

  10. Janet L. DiPalermo on said:

    Do not make me laugh, or vomit. Just the thought of he/she running makes me sick.

  11. planogramma on said:

    This “it” person is one sick, confused piece of humanity. Can you imagine a person who can’t decide or figure out which sex they are making decisions for all of America. OMG, that’s the scariest thought anyone could have! He/She should probably rethink that possibility.

  12. curmudgeon VN Veteran on said:

    OMG! More lowering of the standards of a polite society. Not that it exists other in the minds of those of us old enough to vaguely remember it.

  13. George E. LeFebvre on said:

    “IT” Has as much a chance of getting on the ballot as HITLERY. would if she were stupid enough to even try again.

  14. holyblood1 on said:

    This guy cant even figure out what he or she is why would we want a President like this, what a insane idea.

  15. Tiger on said:

    This is a terribly troubled Soul. I order my expensive cremes over the net and they send me People Mag along with Style and other crap, which tells me they are hurting cause believe me I don’t buy that crap. So my man and I notice every issue of People has something on Gays and Tranny or now those who can’t decide so they don’t claim anything and there is this article on Bruce. As an RN for 30 years it broke my heart. He is so messed up. He finally had his penis cut off and I felt so sad for him because he is never going to have a vagina, he has implants but he will always be a man in drag.

    I wish him/her/it the best wonder what his folks think of all this.

    As to running for president he knows better and by the way he voted for Trump.

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