President Trump Makes DEPRESSING Announcement About Melania and Barron, Pleads For Support From BOTH Sides

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Since he took office, Donald Trump has been a pillar of strength for the American people. In a recent interview, however, Trump showed his vulnerable side when he opened up about how his sudden ascend to power has impacted his wife Melania and their young son Barron.

“There is no question, it is a big burden on the family,” President Trump acknowledged.

The president’s and his family has faced backlash for choosing to remain in New York until the end of Barron’s school year. However, Trump made it clear that he stands by his decision to allow Barron to remain in New York.

“I have a son who’s a very young boy, he just turned 11,” Trump said. “He’ll be taken away from his school and be put into a brand new school. He likes playing on his soccer team in New York, they’re all of his friends, and you know he’ll be taken away from that team. We didn’t want to do it in the middle of a season.”

Trump also pointed out that Melania has been “terribly abused by the press.”

“Really unfairly,” he said. “She’s a high-quality person. She’s been amazing for the country.”

Throughout Barack Obama’s presidency, media outlets treated Michelle Obama and her underage daughters with a certain degree of respect. SHARE this story if you think Melania and Barron deserve this same courtesy!

(via: Conservative Post)

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