EVIL Obama Official CELEBRATES ISIS Murdering of Christians In Egypt.. You MUST See What He Said!

Hell hath no fury like a bitter Obama administration official. In a disturbing tweet posted Sunday, a high-ranking member of Obama’s Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council suggested that ISIS’ brutal slaughter of Christians in Egypt was meant to be.

“What goes around, comes around,” tweeted Mohamed Elibiary.

Explicitly using the Arabic phrase, “Subhanallah,” or “Glory to Allah,” the former DHS official appeared to be exalting Allah for enacting cosmic revenge against Coptic Christians through ISIS messengers of death.

“Subhanallah how what goes around comes around,” he said in the tweet. “Coptic ldrs did same to MB [Muslim Brotherhood] Egyptians.”

Here is the tweet. Shockingly, it’s still up as of the publication of this article.


Elibiary has a history of pro-Islamist views.

He was so extreme, in fact, that the Obama administration fired him in September 2014. As The Daily Caller reported, Elibiary suggested that a return of the Islamic Caliphate was all but “inevitable.” Elibiary once even insisted that the United States was “an Islamic country with an Islamically compliant constitution,” an assertion that likely made the founding fathers roll over in their graves.

Elibiary’s latest comments aren’t just beyond pale; they’re cruel and depraved.

Coptic Christians are among the most persecuted people in the world. As The Daily Wire reportedin April, ISIS bombers detonated multiple explosives at Coptic churches this last Palm Sunday in an act of vengeance against the Christian community in Egypt. The massacre resulted in the deaths of at least 44 people. The attacks came just months after Islamist militants detonated a large bomb in Cairo’s main Coptic Christian Cathedral, killing 25 people and injuring 49 others.

Egypt’s Christians have suffered every kind of death imaginable. From suicide bombings to targeted killings, Islamic terrorists, namely ISIS, have come up with creative ways of the slaughtering the innocent.

Elibiary not only knows about these horrifying incidents, but he praises the messengers of death for carrying out the supposed will of Allah with lethal force.

Friedrich Nietzsche once said that “Man is the cruelest animal.”  Elibiary shows us why that’s true.

H/t The Daily Caller


48 comments on “EVIL Obama Official CELEBRATES ISIS Murdering of Christians In Egypt.. You MUST See What He Said!
  1. obama is nothing but a traitor. Should be prosecuted for his crimes against the people and this great Nation!

  2. Happy2BMe on said:

    Obummer appointed a lot of pro Islam, anti-Christian scumbags to top positions in our government! Many had access to top secret information! Care to guess what they DID with all of that information?

      • MDPatriot on said:

        …..except for Democrats. It is obvious that they wouldn’t know the wool was being pulled over their eyes if the sheep was sitting on their head!

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    • Donna M Rogers on said:

      Trump should have asked for the resignations of all those who Obama put in those sensitive jobs Homeland). The fox was in the hen house the whole time.

  3. mallen11 on said:

    Not surprised at all. We had an anti-American in our WH for 8 years and we will be finding out more as the years go by and MAYBE just maybe the liberals will wake up to the truth.

    • If there really is a psycho nut christian out there I can only hope he meets up with Mr. Elibiary.

    • rog363 on said:

      We can hope and pray that Liberals may someday wake up to the truth, but I, as a veteran, doubt it. I miss my father terribly, but I am also glad he didn’t live long enough to see the country he risked his life for turning into what he and many others fought to prevent from happening in WW ll.

      • John Savell on said:

        Thank you for your service. I also risked my life, but in Afghanistan, to fight the people Obama coddled for 8 years. I was there when he took office, and a few days after the inauguration, we were sent a new set of ROE: we were no longer allowed to fire back at the insurgents unless we could prove 100% that there were no civilians around them. Anyone who knows the Taliban and Al Queida knows that is an impossibility, because they fire from the middle of “civilian” crowds or buildings with “civilians” inside. We were no longer allowed to prevent them from breaking into our convoys, which was a trick they liked to do. They would enter a convoy between two of our vehicles and detonate, so they would take out two vehicles instead of one and cause more damage. Also, he kept letting them lose from GITMO, so they could go back to Afghanistan to join the insurgents, read “terrorists,” and kill more Americans. I don’t know how many reports I got to be on the look-out for a GITMO detainee, who had been released and was back on the battlefield. Who knows how many Americans were killed or injured because of people he let loose going back to their old ways.

        • John it is now my turn to thank you for your time served. It seems there are many who have not served, or even been out of country, they have no idea what is going on in our country,or the world. These people scare the hell out of me because they believe they are right and will not listen to the common sense spoken by those of us that have been there and know that our enemies are just that, Enemies of a freedom loving people. They will stop at nothing to see us and our freedom destroyed…..

        • mallen11 on said:

          Thank you for your service and it certainly wasn’t a way to win a war. I hope President Trump will make sure we wipe the enemy out and that may mean women and children. After all they all grow up being taught that we are their enemy and will fight us again unless we let them know we mean business.

    • John Savell on said:

      The liberals won’t, because he did exactly what they wanted. Hopefully the majority of America will wake up to what he did. They seem to have, as they put Trump, a businessman and DC outsider, who has no experience with politics, in the Oval Office. When I say “they’ I mean the majority of America, including myself.

  4. scott on said:
  5. Mozbius on said:

    Wow! This way of linking to Obama any bullshit of this world is absolutely amazing and pitiful at best! Lol!

    It must be a pain for you “good” Christians to know that POTUS has no need of help of his supporters to be seen as a piece of shit of human.

    I ‘d bet, all of you Trumptards would gladly have your wives grabbed by his higness. Lol. Sheeps.

    • Elena Bowman on said:

      You are a disgusting individual…I hope it’s your wife, daughters, nieces that fall into the hands of the ISIS and the rotten Muslim-In-Chief you love so much. But a misfit like you and a Muslim lover to boot will love to see that happen to your family….especially to your daughters. I’ll bet you’ll even pay them to let you watch what they do to them…the only place for you is to burn in Hell with all your Muslim bastards.

    • Elizabeth Davis on said:

      I would rather be grabbed than be headed. Grabed you can do something about be headed you can do nothing

    • olecurtis1 on said:

      I’ll bet you one thing we will kill your mooslum pig sucking ass. We’re coming to take your ass away you SOB of a pig bastard.

  6. michael a on said:

    Need to kill obama soon as possible before he gets out of control and rule Isis pieces of shits group.

  7. Patricia Wayman on said:

    Some one needs to take this muslim pig out, maybe someday God will answer my prayer in sending him to his satan allah.

    • Tommy Fox on said:

      U have that right Patrica – Satan’s god is allah and Satan’s lies have ensnared what??? 2 billion of God’s children.

  8. theseer on said:

    dhs failure napolitano was the one that gave albieri a top secret clearance…and ran like hell when she learned she was facing treason and felony charges….

  9. John Savell on said:

    Too extreme for Obama? I doubt that is true. The problem is that he was too vocal about it and that didn’t work for the insidious plan Obama had pretending to be moderate and Christian. He drew unwanted attention to himself and to Obama, who had appointed him. Big O had to fire him or risk his true plan, to kill off Christians and destroy America, being exposed.

  10. dan k. on said:

    Obama is the biggest enemy that the United States will ever have.. He is the leader of Irish America.

  11. Vince on said:

    Moshit is a fool and a pig eatting dog, that should go back to the desert where he(it) belongs

  12. Dennis Anderson on said:

    How is it this scum sucking pig got away with what he did? Is our government that lame? Are they that stupid personally I dont think so. Everyone in Washington got a piece of the Obama administration. Why isnt anybody telling us where the theifin nigger is? Why is it the democrats and liberals upset because Trump fired that treasonous director of the FBI?
    From the tarmak to the hearings what went down was staged, and scripted. When they went off script they fell apart. It bothers me that these people thought they could get away with taking over our government without any repocussions.? I want to see some bodys swinging in the wind. This is treason.

    • Joyce Conner Anderson on said:

      Please start reading some recent history about American schools being “dumbed down” for the last 30 years. Starting with the atheists persuading the Supreme Court to take all mention of God out of schools. Add to that the curriculums introduced into the school systems one after another. The history books started changing as well as math. No civics taught for many years, so kids today know almost nothing about their own country, Their government and constitutional laws we lived by nor did they develop that deep love and respect for our history and the men and women who have defended us from all enemies. There came a point of no return nd our kids went off to college to learn more about, fascists, communists, atheism as if they were “good” to contemplate as college had no balancing studies.
      In other words. We have been groomed for the last 30 years at least, This is why if was an easy thing for Obama and George Soros to recruit young idealists with no loyalty fixed in their minds. Well, they are fixed now aren’t they. This is why Trump picked Betsy Devos to be the new Secretary of Education. That is why the left(dems) are fighting her. She wants to turn the
      schools around. Reintroduce everything that has been ripped out of schools.
      We need to get back to praying for our President and the good people he brought into his cabinet ,

      We need to start campaigning for him again in whatever form is needed. He is truly our best hope of carrying this country into prosperity again and away from the fate Obama worked for.

  13. EDWARD MIKAN on said:

    EXTERMINATE THE PRO ISLAM ANTI CHRISTIAN SCUMBAGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. J. Fannin on said:

    Sounds like this POS needs a pair of cinder block shoes and go for a swim………………

  15. Susan P on said:

    ALL Obama appointees should be permanently removed from their positions. Obama hated the USA and these people he appointed cannot be trusted with national security or any thing else.

  16. Norma Jean DeForest on said:

    Obama had Muslim Brotherhood members of his administration along with socialists. Why didn’t he have Americans who LIKED AMERICA AND WANTED IT TO SUCCEED. Instead he appointed far, far left brain dead idiots whose main goal was to destroy our country. Can anyone say GEORGE SOROS? He supplied the money and was the puppeteer. Obama and his cohorts were the puppets. SAD STATE OF AFFAIRS. But will the unintelligent among us accept that fact? I doubt it. They are still trying to figure out why Hillary lost. Dumb de dumb.

  17. Gammi2Anna on said:

    Thinking that anyone connected to Obama would be anything other than evil, anti-American and pro-Islam would be like thinking Rosie O’Donnell really is going to leave America. No truth to either. I’m angry that so many of these Muslim creatures were slipped in by Obama under the guise of being advisors with-in our government. Should we be concerned with the possibility this admitted hater of Christians, Mohamed Elibiary, has left behind some element of the evil of Islam within our government that could give them an advantage against us in a future conflict? How was Obama allowed to bring these people into our government, pay them with our tax dollars with no oversight from any of our security department officials? Can he be charged with sedition and if so, why hasn’t he?

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