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Tomi Lahren’s Legal Team Hits MASSIVE Roadblock In Suit Against ‘The Blaze’

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Tomi Lahren‘s legal team wants to hunt down the sources in The Daily Caller‘s recent blistering exposé on how she behaved while working as a BlazeTV host. Technically Lahren is still being paid by The Blaze and is operating under a non-compete clause in her contract. She’s suing Beck and The Blaze in order to get released from that contract.

But as far as finding out who the squealers are, Tomi’s team may just be shit out of luck.

“I would just like to point out that at no point have I said my sources came from inside The Blaze, which has seen several employees depart the company within the last year,” The Daily Caller’s Peter Hasson told The Mirror Monday night.

The Dallas Morning News reported Monday that a Dallas County judge has ordered Glenn Beck and his company to produce emails between employees at The Blaze and Hasson.

Beck and The Blaze are also suing Lahren.

Both sides have been ordered to not “disparage” the opposing side.

Lahren’s attorney Brian Lauten said he’s determined to hunt down the moles and put the in jail.

Hasson is sticking to the laws of journalism.

He said he’s not giving up his sources.

(via: Daily Caller)

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