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[VIDEO] FOX’s Tucker Carlson DESTROYS Guest Who Calls Trump’s Wall a ‘Symbol of Hate’

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President Donald Trump’s campaign pledge to build a “big, beautiful” wall along the U.S.-Mexico border outraged liberals, and now that Trump is actually moving forward to fulfill that pledge, the cries of outrage have gotten even louder.

On Thursday, night, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson got into a fiery debate with Julissa Arce, a former illegal immigrant who works at Goldman Sachs, The Daily Caller reported.

During the debate, Arce, who became a citizen through marriage, called the wall a “symbol of hate,” something that Carlson did not approve of at all.

“It suggests that you don’t think America has a right to protect its borders,” Carlson stated. “That seems a very odd attitude for someone who has benefited so much from your adopted country.”

Instead of defending her arguments, Arce then claimed that she had a right, as a citizen of the country, to voice her opinion about the wall.

“I’m not challenging your right to say what you think and I would defend it, literally. However, I don’t understand why a country’s desire to protect its border is an expression of hate,” Carlson stated.

Arce then stated that she didn’t think the wall was the most effective way to defend America’s borders, and claimed that it will cost the taxpayers millions of dollars.

Well, it also costs millions of dollars to deport illegals every year, something the wall should cut down on permanently, so her point really isn’t very strong.

And Tucker let her know it.

“I don’t have any patience for that argument because that’s not a real argument,” Carlson stated.

You can watch the full exchange here:

It’s always amazing to watch Carlson take down liberals who go onto his show thinking they can actually win. Carlson knows exactly what to say and always exposes them for what they are.

(via: Conservative Tribune)


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