Muslims FURIOUS Over What Someone Designated as a ‘Mosque’ – How Would You React?

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As a man was driving to work one morning, he noticed a strange message that prompted him to pull over and get a closer look. However, as soon as he read the word “mosque” in spray paint, the type of structure that was designated as an Islamic house of prayer immediately had Muslims outraged.

While millions of religious minorities are being persecuted with rape, imprisonment, slavery, and slaughter in over 50 Islamic countries, the West is inexcusably fixated on the purported mistreatment of Muslims. Although the oppression that non-Muslims face under Sharia law is often life-threatening, these so-called inhumanities against Muslim victims typically involve insults of their religion.

The Muslim world has repeatedly failed in carrying out Quran 8:39, which commands them to slaughter non-Muslims until there is no other religion, but devout worshipers are finding that as long as they have ignorant liberal apologists to further their agenda, they don’t have to even lift a sword.

As Tyler Johnstone was on his way to work, he spotted graffiti spray painted in quite an unconventional place. While driving down Highway 16 through Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada, the leftist says that he was utterly appalled at seeing the word “mosque” written in yellow paint on the side of a public outhouse, the Edmonton Journal reports.

Muslims Lose Their Minds When They See What's Made Into Designated 'Mosque'
Although Johnstone made sure that the world knew he heroically covered up the paint with duct tape (right) to protect fragile Muslims from insult, many are still demanding a hate crime investigation over the graffiti. (Photo source: Edmonton Journal, Facebook)

In typical leftist fashion, Johnstone could hardly contain his outrage for what he’s calling a “disgusting” act that should be treated as a federal hate crime.

“I saw it right away; it was really noticeable,” the 28-year-old said Thursday. “I drove maybe two or three minutes down the road and just got that sick feeling. I drove past it and I drove for about five minutes and I thought about it and I had to turn around and come back,” Johnstone said. “It’s just disgusting.”

Of course, Johnstone wasn’t about to let his supposed good deed go humbly unnoticed. Informing the laundry company with which he’s employed that he’ll be “20 minutes” late on Facebook live, he boasts that he is going to cover the offensive display in order to protect Muslims from being insulted, which he seems to believe is an individual right.

“It’s not the graffiti,” he said, according to iNews 880. “I’m a photographer, so I’m an artist myself. There’s lots of graffiti in the city and lots of it is beautiful. But that’s not graffiti – it’s just hate. It’s easily portrayed as hate and I just didn’t want any more people to see that.”

True to his liberal idiosyncrasy, Johnstone admitted that he thinks that offending Muslims warrants physical harm, as he expressed that the offender should “be at the bottom of that toilet,” pointing to the outhouse.

“Whoever wrote that… you should be disgraced. You deserve to be at the bottom of that toilet. I’m not going to let your stupidity be seen by anybody driving by.”

Johnstone blissfully has no idea that he is what Muslims refer to as a “dhimmi,” or an infidel living submissively under an Islamic Caliphate. Although Muslims often align with leftists while they are still a tiny minority, they are merely using them as temporary allies to accomplish the Quran’s ultimate commands of conquest.

While Johnstone laments over an offensive word that mocks Islam, Muslim communities are shutting down, burning down, and bombing churches all over the world. Backed by Sharia law, which mandates limitations on basic human rights regarding freedom of religion, Muslims in every Islamic country refuse religious and racial minorities far more crucial liberties.

Although Johnstone is getting a pat on the back from the local Muslim community for his efforts to censor insults toward Islam, in an Islamic country, his finding could’ve resulted in a false accusation of blasphemy that would land him in prison or the grave, as prescribed by the Quran.

So, while non-Muslims are executed for merely insulting Islam in Muslim countries, leftists like Johnstone are helping them usher in the same punishments in the West. Sadly, he is merely one of many foolish liberals who, like those before him in present-day Sharia nations, actually believes that appeasing and respecting Islam will convince the Muslim population to spare him from their religious compulsions.

(via: Mad World News)

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