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Did Jane Fonda Go WAY TOO FAR In Her Comments About Trump?

Actress Jane Fonda stunned viewers of the Late Night Show when she told host Stephen Colbert that ‘Trumpers’ should use adult diapers to stop all of the leaks.

Fonda, a longtime Hollywood star, launched into the film industry in 1968 with her risque sci-fi film, Barbarella. Since then, she’s become a seasoned actress and seasoned protester with a long history of opposing the United States government.

“What an honor. If we find out I wasn’t on Trump’s enemies list, I will be very insulted,” Fonda said to Colbert, who is also a known Trump opposer.

Fonda boasted that she loved being on Nixon’s naughty list during the 70s. Throughout the Vietnam War, she picketed Washington at numerous protests and even took a questionable trip to the battlefield. Fonda was nicknamed “Hanoi Jane” after visiting the Vietnam capital of Hanoi where she toured POW camps.

It’s clear that her goal is to become an enemy of Trump with her little insults on these talk shows. She also dubbed Trump the “Predator and Chief” on Bill Maher’s controversial HBO show. Then, she continued to preach how celebrities should speak out against the government to push the buttons of the president.

Fonda noted that celebrities have an obligation to “bring attention to things that wouldn’t normally get attention.” She cited Meryl Streep’s Golden Globe speech as an example of a time where celebrities were able to ruffle the feathers of the President. Antics from celebs like Fonda and Streep might be celebrated in Hollywood, but most Americans scoff at their pompous attitude towards patriotism. At the end of the day, they are just actors or musicians. If they want to actually make a difference then they should quit and take give Washington a shot. There, Trump would really be able to show them the truth behind politics and how America should be run!

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18 comments on “Did Jane Fonda Go WAY TOO FAR In Her Comments About Trump?
  1. Peggy Limp on said:

    She is worse now than when she got troops killed in Viet Nam. She should be in jail with a gag around her mouth!!!

  2. docrick on said:

    Lets first remember Hanoi Jane is a TRAITOR to this country, and that she is only a second rate actress who never never made much of herself and if it hadn’t been for her Father Henry she would be nothing. I’ve heard it said that actors are nothing and I agree, in that they are only mouth pieces of what we tell them to say. If I want to hear anything from them I will tell them what to say. They are highly paid to say what I tell them to say.

    • Yes she went too far, These actors and actress have done nothing but incite riots, they should be in jail for it. she is a traitor and veterans never watch her movies what she did to the Veitnam pow’s was terrible.

  3. Richard Omiecinski on said:

    Hanoi Jane should have been imprisoned for giving aid to the enemy back in the sixties.
    She is a TRAITOR and just another Hollywood libtard!

    • Rachelmlacy on said:

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  4. jurkey52 on said:

    A POW secretly handed her a note to take back to the States telling them what conditions were really like in the camps. Hanoi Jane handed the note to the camp commandant who then had the prisoner beaten to a pulp but this traitorous piece of garbage still returned to America & sang the praises of the cong.

  5. spadesspouse on said:

    What a puke “hanoi Jane” is. If I were President Trump I would be happy she doesn’t like me. Surely would not like a traitor like her on my side.

  6. I thought she apologized for her traitor actions and learned from it. Apparently not. Jane, I am a Trumper and take offence to what you said on one of those smear shows. I started watching you on Netflix but after this disrespectful show of a traitor I realize you never changed so I will boycotting it now. Pres Trump will turn this country around in spite of you Hollywood idiots. Speak of adult diapers, all you Hollywood elite better wear them since you all turned into cry babies that can’t stop crying because you didn’t get your way for once. Did they pack pacifiers in those presenter bags at the award shows since you all have to keep giving each other awards because the overpaid saleries aren’t enough. You are all disrespectful, ungreatful PIGS.

  7. Netencho on said:

    Hanoi WHORE IS MORE LIKE IT…. all this socialist, sewer crap morons…. are has been…couldn’t make it in movies, so they seek attention from the real life people. Just remember…. if you don’t pay attention…. the sewer crap…. will go down the drain, as always. Nothing but a bunch of OLD WORN OUT, WRINKLE BITCHES, looking for attention. Still looking for hand outs…. Hahahahaha https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/047114cfeff6488a44c2a3c95c875c1b6e71b084d8aae53e179a39131caeae1b.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/50db9e2512dee5afa2ce4d166b676fe8d6e22b9ef70ec6c825d21c858be20894.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/479ac4cddab90b85c5714672c1c6ec7902249ad707086daaf7d403ed9db7554e.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e56f6c232950cfdd888388e1430e7d1c0bac54ebf27533914a076f11a6ff253f.jpg

  8. Sandy Langley on said:

    Jane Fonda has always been a traitor of the USA, she never has ever had anything good to say. I wish she would pack her little self up and leave. Go live in the caves with the rest of them.

  9. Theresa on said:

    Who the hell does she think she is, who cares what she says, because she is an actress? it is we the people who watch her movies and put her where she is, does that give her the right to tear down a President???

  10. Countryboy72 on said:

    Hanoi Jane should not say anything about the President. American still hasn’t forgotten or forgiven her and never will. Her views are just as anti-American today as they were back then. She has still not ever apologized for what she has done. She sabotaged herself by going against our military and her country.

  11. Countryboy72 on said:

    She might think its fun to be on the naughty list but she will always be Hanoi jane to us. It was disgraceful what she did to our soldiers. She like Hillary has never apologized and never will. So her views will be taken with a grain of salt and will probably never complimentary to America. She thinks enough time has past and there is enough hate around but americans haven’t forgot and never will.


  13. Frank Edwards Sr. on said:

    Hanoi Jane shouldn’t even be in this country she should be deported to Vietnam she’s a freaking Traitor… that’s why she’s a leftist she got so many American soldiers killed because of her treasonous ways backstabbing America

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