HILARIOUS: Fox News’ Tucker Carlson destroyed a deranged, Russia-obsessed Liberal

Fox News scored when they hired Tucker Carlson.  On Tucker’s latest show he absolutely put liberal David Tafuri in his place.  Tafuri is just another liberal who was ranting about the ‘Russian interference’ in the Presidential election.  Without hesitation, Tucker Carlson shut him down, ‘As a journalist in America either give me some evidence or stop talking’.

Enough excuses about losing the election.  Despite the left’s efforts, absolutely no evidence has been discovered.  Most Americans are tired of hearing about it and we can all relate to Tucker Carlson’s frustration with this Russian-crazed liberal.

What’s your opinion?  Do you believe if the Russians interfered with the election, or is it just a lame liberal excuse for losing?

What do you think?

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