[VIDEO] Georgia Cuts Food Stamps and Welfare Queens Are PISSED! Watch Their Reaction!

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While Barack Hussein Obama governed the White House, slowly destroying this country for eight terrible years, he placed millions of people on welfare, forcing working Americans to pay their bills.

However, Obama is no longer in charge, and things are about to change drastically. Some welfare leaches in Georgia have gotten the worst news of their lives, and this video shows their priceless reactions:


New rules were put in place in Georgia forcing able-bodied adults without children to find jobs in order to receive food stamps, reports Truth Monitor. The rules affect people in Gwinnett, Cobb and Hall Counties who can collect food stamps for only three months in a three-year period, unless they get into a job or training program. The people in this video did not find jobs in time, so their food stamps were taken away. Needless to say, they were NOT happy to find that out.

State Rep. David Clark, R-Buford, led the charge on this, arguing that it’s time for Georgia to crack down on those abusing the welfare system.

“This is going to make people step up and look for a job,” he said, adding that he will support legislation expected next session to expand the work requirement for food stamps to the entire state.

It’s simple: people that live their whole life on the system and are perfectly capable of working but just choose not to because they are used to getting paid for doing nothing need to be cut off.  Plus, drug testing should be mandatory to anybody that lives in assisted housing or gets food stamps or welfare.

(via: UConversative)

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