Trump Credited By Israeli Police for Push That Solved Bomb Threats Case – MEDIA SILENT

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Unlike during the Obama administration, Trump has gone to bat protecting Israel.  With the recent attack on the Jewish Community in the United States, Trump has pressured the FBI to solve and it has not gone unnoticed by Israel.

Israeli media reported on Saturday that President Donald Trump is being credited by Israeli police for pressuring the FBI to solve the case of wide-spread bomb threats against U.S. Jewish community centers that had struck fear throughout the Jewish-American populace. The American-Israeli teen arrested in Israel for the bomb threats had been making bomb threats for two years but it was only after the newly inaugurated Trump got involved that the FBI sent agents to Israel. Under former President Obama, the serial bomb threat case was apparently a low priority.

From Gateway Pundit:


The report by Haaretz crediting Trump has so far has been ignored by an American media steadfast in its effort to not report any news that would show Trump succeeding.

Trump Pushed FBI to Nab Israeli-American Suspect in Bomb Threats on Jewish Centers, Sources Say

The youth from Ashkelon has been making similar threats for the past two years, but only after the FBI sent investigators to Israel was an arrest made.

The Jewish Israeli-American arrested this week on suspicion of making a host of bomb threats on Jewish institutions worldwide has been making such cyber attacks for two years but only recently was his capture given high priority, according to police sources.

The sources attributed the turnabout to pressure from United States President Donald Trump. A few weeks ago, after Trump announced that the FBI would do everything in its power to catch the perpetrator, the agency sent 12 investigators from its cybercrime unit to Israel to assist the Israeli investigation…”

The Haaretz report was picked up by The Times of Israel and the American Jewish news site the Forward.

The leftist-led Anne Frank Center excoriated President Trump for being a “silent bystander” in the bomb threats case.

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