SCANDAL! What Putin’s Spokesman Just Revealed About Hillary Clinton Will RUIN The Democrats!

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Hillary Clinton’s worst nightmare just came true!

Earlier today, Vladimir Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, went on CNN and revealed 2 MASSIVE facts that will RUIN Hillary Clinton and the Democrats all at once!

  1. Russia had NO meaningful communications with President Trump’s campaign

  2. The top people Hillary Clinton’s campaign ALSO met with the Russian ambassador during the election!

OUCH! You can tell that CNN was REALLY hoping to find some evidence proving their LIES about Russia, but no luck. I wonder HOW MANY of Hillary’s advisers met with the Russians.

Also I’m sure you noticed when Fareed Zakaria tried to make it LOOK like Putin’s preference to have Trump as president was “evidence” that he interfered in our elections. That’s total BS.

It’s just like Peskov said, if you were asked who you like better between someone who said you were PURE EVIL and someone who said they are willing to work with you, of course, you would support the more friendly one.

Also, I seem to remember when Obama said that US elections were “unhackable”, then they tried to turn the narrative. That sounds a lot like FAKE NEWS to me.

So this is what you can do to help Donald Trump:

  • SHARE this if you think it’s time to investigate HILLARY CLINTON’s crimes
  • Pray for our President for all the horrible adversaries he is facing.

(H/T – Daily Mail)

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