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Liberals have formed a resistance against Donald Trump and the word is that Obama is the leader. Obama hasn’t made it a secret that he dislikes Trump but so far he has been able to keep himself from saying anything against Trump to the media.  However, Obama is known for craving attention and power, so his silence will surely end soon.

From Young Conservatives:

Former President Barack Obama has been described as the head of the ‘resistance’ against President Donald Trump.

He’s staying in Washington and continuing to be involved in organizing protests against President Donald Trump.

Obama also has live-in organizing help from Valerie Jarrett who is living in his home and has moved two doors down from John Podesta.

So what was Obama doing in a ‘secret meeting’ with Silicon Valley tech bosses?

Barack Obama visited Silicon Valley for a secret meeting with tech bosses after lunching with billionaire business magnate Warren Buffett.

It was the former President’s first visit to the Bay Area since he left office in January.

Sources told NBC Bay Area that Obama had a meeting with tech bosses at the Fairmont hotel in downtown San Jose.

Several Secret Service agents could be seen around the hotel, and some guests said they saw Obama motorcade and bomb-sniffing dogs.

Others said the interior hallways of the hotel was packed with security, according to the NBC Bay Area.

Prior to arriving in San Jose from Washington DC, Obama stopped in Omaha briefly on Sunday to have lunch with billionaire Warren Buffett.

Buffett and Obama have a long-standing relationship that has included campaign support and economic policy advice.

In 2011, Obama awarded Buffett the nation’s highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

The 44th President has faced calls from liberals to spearhead the resistance against Trump while the Democratic party is mired in post-election disarray.

Obama has taken the highly unusual step of staying in Washington after the end of his term in office – but has so far resisted the temptation to speak publicly against his successor’s policies.

The ex-President landed in Omaha on Sunday afternoon and was driven to Happy Hollow Country Club.

Susie Buffett said she and her father spent about 2½ hours together in a private room with Obama at the country club where her father is a member.

She declined to say what the three discussed during the lunch except that she said the meal wasn’t a fundraiser.

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