Tucker Carlson: On Illegals who ‘RIP OFF GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS’

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On Friday night’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” conservative author and pundit Ann Coulter highlighted an oft-ignored aspect of America’s illegal immigration crisis. Increasingly significant as the national deficit continues to soar is the problem of illegal immigrants who “rip off government programs.”

From BizPac:

Coulter wondered if there shouldn’t be a way to stop immigrants “whose specialty is committing crimes against our entitlement programs.” When you see headlines like a “billion dollars stolen from Medicaid,” the perpetrators are often obviously from somewhere else.

These may not be violent crimes, but they are still crimes.

“There’s a specialty in computer hacking and credit card stealing and ripping off government programs,” said Coulter. As she points out in her book “Adios America: The Left’s Plan To Turn America Into A Third World Hellhole,” crime statistics involving illegal immigrants are notoriously difficult to track, and it is “telling” that border enforcement hawks want the real statistics but liberals don’t seem to care. In fact, Coulter pointed out that statistics on houses with “broken stair railings” or even Samoans with “battery powered radios” are easier to find!

Of liberal opposition to immigration enforcement, Coulter said: “They absolutely want to take [Attorney General] Sessions out because they want to keep this dump of the third world going on America. There’s a lot of evidence that immigrants do commit more crime otherwise I don’t think the Left would be so hysterical about why they are being deported.”

“How many [immigrants] are committing crimes, what kind of crimes, and how much does that cost the country?” Coulter asked.

Host Tucker Carlson agreed that these practices constitute a “willful [and] in effect a cover-up. It’s what is happening in Sweden right now.”

Coulter wonders why instead of a Third World dumping ground, America can’t be like the “Patriots recruiting players.”

It’s hard to argue with logic like that, which is why the left uses lies, obfuscation and disinformation.

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