Nike Tries To Line Their Pockets With Muslim Cash After Creating Hijab Activewear

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Over the past few years, we have witnessed companies bow to liberal political pressure. Instead of these companies paying attention to their target market, they choose to alienate those who line their pockets. Sadly, another company has decided to cater to Muslims and it just might cost them in a big way.

During the Olympic games in 2012, we witnessed women Muslims competing for the gold medal in a hijab. Apparently, this look tugged at the heart strings of Nike and they have chosen to implement a new line of sportswear. The Nike

Let me introduce to you, the Nike Pro-Hijab. This hideous new line will be launched in Spring 2018 and is in response to the increasing number of women in Islamic society ‘embracing sport’.

Um, yeah. Anyone else running out and buying this crap? I didn’t think so.

(via: Freedom Daily)

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