The UNBELIEVABLE Thing That Happens Immediately After Maine Governor Makes Welfare Recipients Go To Work

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Waking up early and going to work to provide for yourself and your family, seems as routine as brushing your teeth, and yet to a subculture class of individuals, this simple daily routine seems outrageous.

And so when Maine Gov. Paul LePage decided to impose a three-month limit on welfare benefits for able-bodied adults without dependents, all “hell broke loose.”

Now, before all the raging liberals out there start throwing a hissy fit and talking about how much conservatives hate the poor and all that bleeding heart rhetoric, this limit is only enforced if the “Abawds” refuse to get a job working 20 hours a week, take job training, or volunteer 6-hours a week.

I repeat 6-hours a week!

Remarkably once this rule was actually enforced, nearly 80% of people on welfare were cut off the program because they refused to get a job or volunteer to work 6- hours a week.

And the actual number receiving food stamps in Maine has gone from 12,000, down to around 2,500.

Obviously whether we like it or not, there’s a sizeable subculture of individuals that will never take responsibility for their actions, let alone themselves, and government should not continue enabling them.

All these folks are required to do to get benefits is volunteer 6-hours a week. If you divide this total over a five-day period it comes out to 1.2 hours of work a day.

(via: US Herald)

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