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The News Leaked About Obama Will DESTROY Him – Trump Makes Sure It’s Going Viral!

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From Angry Patriot Movement:

President Trump uses his time in front of the cameras far differently than Obama. When Trump released this video, it really showed Obama and his true colors. “We need a real president,” Donald Trump says in the video, showing Obama schmoozing a crowd of mainstream media reporters. Instead of discussing serious threats posed to America by radical Islamic terrorists or the high cost in blood and money caused by criminal illegal immigrants, Obama was behaving like a celebrity performing for an adoring audience.

When the red light on the camera flashes on President Trump, it is not all about him — it is about all of us! Trump stands bravely at the podium and details his vision for America, knowing full well the bulk of the journalists assembled before him will go into full on attack mode the moment he pauses to take a breath. When President Trump stands in front of the press, he does not court and coddle them. He knows he is primarily in front of a gaggle of liberal advocates and reacts accordingly.

Reporters do not throw softball questions at Trump like they did Obama. He will never be asked what enchants him most about the presidency, and he is fine with that. Obama just loved to turn his press conferences into love letters to himself. The mainstream media pundits who filled the room not only allowed it, but they fully embraced his odes to himself. The former president thought very highly of himself. He was completely delusional if he thought he did anything but make America weak and fiscally irresponsible during his eight years in office.

“Okay, everybody, I have to get to Star Wars,” Obama said in an effort to end yet another love-fest with the liberal press. We really shouldn’t have expected the most socialistic president ever voted into office to actually possess a work ethic, right?! Star Wars, seriously? That was a press conference-worthy topic when terrorists are vowing to behead the infidels in the United States, criminal illegal aliens are killing Americans, and our brave local heroes are being pelted with bottles and rocks simply for daring to do their jobs?

More people are wholly dependent upon the government and on the American taxpayer’s dollar than at any other time in the history of our republic. You don’t get a trophy for that, Mr. Obama.

(via: Red State Watcher)

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