Trump Is Overturning Obama’s Stupid Orders So Quickly The White House Is Running Out of Ceremonial Pens!

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President Donald Trump promised on the campaign trail that he would move quickly to undo many of former President Barack Obama’s executive orders and pieces of legislation that were harming the United States.

Trump has followed through on that promise, working at a break-neck pace over the past four weeks to sign executive orders to get America back on track, except now the White House has an unusual situation on its hands, The Associated Press reported.

The White House is running out of pens. Yes, you read that correctly. Pens used for presidential signings often get distributed for ceremonial purposes. Trump has signed so many orders that a new batch of pens actually had to be ordered.

“He absolutely, positively, had to have them by Friday,” explained Andy Boss, an employee of A.T. Cross Co., the company that supplies the pens. “My guess is he’s running low.”

Trump’s very publicized signings of executive orders have involved him giving the pens away to people who have been in the room. On Inauguration Day, Trump even joked that he would need more pens as he was giving them away after signing several documents.

Turns out he was serious.

Trump has indicated he will be rolling out more executive orders this coming week, which might explain why he needed the pens as quickly as possible.


“To me it doesn’t matter whether the president is a Republican or a Democrat. Just having a president using our pens is pretty cool,” Boss stated. “I’d much rather him using our pens than somebody else’s.”

These pens will undoubtedly be used a lot more as Trump continues to undo the damage of the past eight years. We have no doubt that A.T. Cross Co. is going to need to make a lot more of these pens over the next four (or eight) years!

(via: Conservative Tribune)

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