Muslim Mayor of London Is Trying To Block Visit From Trump Over His ‘Cruel’ Immigration Policies

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On Monday, British parliamentarians will debate whether President Trump should not receive the honors accorded a foreign leader during a state visit, thanks to a petition calling for Trump’s visit later in the year to be downgraded.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan is backing the petitioners. Trump’s immigration policies, Khan said, are “cruel.” The mayor cited Trump’s “ban on people from seven Muslim-majorities countries” as a particular outrage.

Trump issued an executive order prohibiting many people from these seven nations from entering the United States. Though the White House claims this order is intended to protect national security, even some of Trump’s advisers have stated openly that it’s real purpose is to act as a kind of “Muslim ban.”

The executive order currently is not in effect, thanks to multiple court decisions halting it in whole or in part.

If Trump’s visit is downgraded, it does not appear that the British government will treat Mr. Trump as Trump wishes to treat Muslims — that is, they will allow Trump to enter their country. The American president would be denied certain honors, however, such as a stay at Buckingham Palace.

Khan, who is London’s first Muslim mayor, said that “we shouldn’t be rolling out the red carpet” for Trump.

(via: Think Progress)

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