Police Officer Gets LIFE DESTROYING News After Being Bitten By AIDS Infected Crack Addict

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Hopefully, this type of article isn’t one you see on a weekly basis, as it’s terribly nasty and life-threatening. No one should have to deal with this.

No one goes to work thinking “I can’t wait to get AIDS today” and most people aren’t subjected to it when they’re on the job.

Maybe doctors, nurses, and anyone who works with blood have a risk of being contaminated with something, but not COPS!!!

This was the story when an officer pulled over a nasty crackhead who was possibly infected with AIDS, and SHE BIT THE COP ON THE ARM!

This woman in the video below was pulled over for expired tags and had a car full of drugs. It was like she was cruising around like an ice cream truck selling crack. But, judging by the looks of her, she broke the one rule that drug dealers have – don’t get high on your own supply. She’s probably not a drug dealer, just an abuser, and quite a nasty one at that.

This woman is an example of why I am a news blogger and not a crack head out turning tricks. I’d much rather get hate mail from Hillary fans than be bitten by someone who possibly had sex with enough people to populate a medium sized city.

Plus, no one bites me except for my cat, and humans can’t get feline AIDS, so I think we’re good. She’s clean, by the way. I know you’re wondering.

This is the crack whore who bit a cop and possibly gave him AIDS.

Memphis police said a Mid-South woman bit an officer, therefore exposing him to HIV. According to the police report, two officers said they saw a 2007 Chrysler 300 with a drive out tag that expired more than two years ago. The driver, Dayton Smith, had a suspended license. She was unable to provide proof of insurance and was arrested. While searching Smith’s car, police said they found what was later revealed to be marijuana, crack, and cocaine.

No one ever says they want to be a crack whore when they grow up. Let this woman be a lesson to all the parents out there. Be good to your kids and teach them well. If you don’t teach your kids how to be good people and don’t provide them with a loving, learning, and productive environment, then they’re going to be crack whores who spread diseases to people.

If you’re a parent who did all the right things, but your kid still turns out like that, then I’m sorry to hear. It’s not your fault. Not everyone makes great choices. Some people just get caught up in a tough lifestyle with the wrong crowd and can’t get out. If you notice any friends or family like that, then help them out. They need your support more than anything. Addiction is a hell of a battle, so anytime you have a loved one fighting it, always be there for them as much as possible to help them turn their life around and not be the subject of an article on Freedom Daily.

If they’re STILL a crackhead, then f*ck em. You can only try so much to help, but you ultimately cannot control a person and their life.

Sometimes you have to let go.

If this is the life you want, then go ahead and be like this.

(via: Freedom Daily)

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