The CHILLING Footage of Obama That Just Disappeared From The Internet!

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Now THIS is scary. Twitter has just removed stunning footage of former President Barack Obama from not long ago. You’ll instantly realize why they were trying to protect him.

Check this out, via TM.

Disturbing reports are coming in that Twitter has taken down a photo that showed President Barack Hussein Obama holding something truly despicable. The image reportedly showed Obama holding the book “The Post-American World,” which was written by radical Muslim author Fareed Zakaria.

According to TM, “In the book, Zakaria argues that, thanks to the actions of the United States in spreading liberal democracy across the world, other countries are now competing with the US in terms of economic, industrial, and cultural power,” the Wikipedia description read. “While the US continues to dominate in terms of political-military power, other countries such as China and India are becoming global players in many fields.”

How messed up is that? Obama is by far the most anti-American president that has ever lived and he never once even tried to hide it.

Donald Trump’s America is already shaping up to be a better place than Obama’s – but that goes without saying.


Thank goodness he’s out of our lives.

(via: USA Newsflash)

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