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CNN Thinks Trump’s Wall Would Bankrupt Country; Here’s The Truth They’re HIDING From You

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You’ve no doubt seen all the pro-illegal immigrant and pro-refugee commercials from the Super Bowl by now. All of these commercials are driving the wedge that much deeper between what social justice warriors think is right for America, and what’s actually right for America (a border wall).

We’ve also been hearing that the cost of the border wall is way too high. It’s a huge burden on the economy to put up an $8-10 billion wall, right? How dare President Trump use taxpayer money to make America safer, right?

Well, here’s the kicker – putting up the wall will be VASTLY less expensive than the economic burden that illegal immigration puts on the US economy every year.


As a project of this magnitude could require about 9.7 million cubic meters of concrete – priced, say, at $900 per cubic meter – “we’re talking almost $9 billion” for concrete alone and another $4.6 billion for steel rebar, Kakaes claims.

He also urged readers to consider what Israel has experienced in its construction of “320 miles of a planned 480-mile barrier in and around the West Bank. Only three to 10 percent of the completed portion is concrete. The cost so far: $2.6 billion.

“That fits with what structural engineers have told me: the total cost of highways and other megascale projects in the U.S. is generally two to three times the material costs.”

Therefore, he said, it will cost the U.S. $27 billion to $40 billion to carry out the Trump endeavor.

And the cost of illegal immigration annually?

The Federation for Immigration Reform, or FAIR – a nonprofit advocate of limited immigration – says, however, that no matter who pays for the wall, the project ultimately can be viewed as cost effective.

Citing an estimated $100 billion recurring annual burden placed on taxpayers due to the provision of services to illegal aliens and their families, FAIR President Dan Stein said in a recent USA Today op-ed, “Even at the high end of the one-time cost estimate for constructing a wall, in the $15 billion and $25 billion range, the structures are cheap at twice the price.”

A widely cited FAIR report published in 2013 claims illegal immigrants could cost taxpayers $113 billion annually, an amount adjusted to $99 billion after factoring estimated taxes paid by illegals.

There you have it folks. We’d save the country billions in taxpayer dollars in the long run and keep out dangerous illegals while simultaneously letting in LEGAL immigrants that do it the right way? I don’t think you can find a better scenario than that.

(via: Yes I’m Right)

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