Secret Service Agents On Duty At White House FIRED In The Middle of Their Shift For Refusing To Protect Trump

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Very disturbing reports, coming from someone within the White House, broke out early Friday morning. The reports state that at least two manager-level Secret Service officials were fired and escorted from the White House grounds.

After it was discovered they were traitors, in league with Kerry O’Grady and who wished to harm the president, if only by refusing to do their jobs.

Kerry O’Grady blasted across the national news media when she stated publicly that she will not take a bullet for the President Trump. She went on to say more scandalous things about Trump.

Now at least two other agents, these guys were personally assigned to protect President Trump, were caught up acting in cahoots with O’Grady.

Reporter Steve Clemons was the first to break the story, describing the scene from the White House via twitter. Clemons said,

“Reports coming in that some Secret Service mgr level personnel forced 2 resign 2nite & escorted out of EEOB. Two out but source says more…Repeat. Two (& perhaps more) @SecretService Mgr level staff abruptly forced to resign tonight & escorted out of EEOB #trump #whitehouse”

It should be noted the White House nor the secret service will comment or confirm this story.

(via: World News Politics)

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