Trump’s Government Spending Freeze Will RUIN Obama’s Vacation

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It took eight long years for Obama’s ‘hope and change’ to change exactly nothing in this country. It’s taken president Trump eight short minutes to change nearly everything.

What can I say? Business efficiency is a beast.

Any business owner will tell you, and unequivocally so – overregulation hurts the economy. Reagan knew it, Bush knew it, and anyone who’s taken an Econ 101 class knows it. Usually by the third day of class, no less. The numbers make it very clear. It’s a wonder Democrats haven’t gotten on board with deregulation, given that it’s a sure guarantee for a thriving economy.

(The left wants power. It’s why they do what they do.)

President Trump, as a former billionaire businessman, knows this better than anyone. And he spent his first day in office getting right to work. CNN reports: “White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus issued a memorandum Friday night to all executive departments and agencies to freeze new or pending regulations – giving the new administration time to review them.” Trump took the process a step further, and made sure that some new regulations that had already begun would never finish the process of becoming US law.

Given CNN’s rather sad history with President Trump and his base, I can’t imagine it’s easy for them to write these words, or admit – even in passing – that deregulation actually works. The Truth hurts.

President Trump and Priebus have their work cut out for them, given Obama’s last days in office – the former anti-business president passed as many measures, executive orders, and regulations as he could in his final weeks. It seemed he wanted to make it as difficult for Trump as humanly possible. Trump, thankfully, is not your average human.

Freezing regulations is just the first step of the process – each will be individually reviewed, and if it’s determined that they harm the American economy, they’ll be destroyed. It’s no surprise that businesses are already rejoicing – the stock market rally after the election that shocked leftists everywhere is one of many new signs that the economy is on a sure and steady rebound. Almost, indeed, as if it were sentient, and grateful.

Trump, mind you, is sure to issue regulations of his own, but they’ll be good for business – no additional burdens, no extra paperwork, and no extra bureaucracy. Just common sense, and the ability to stay out of the way of a working man and his money.

Carry on, Mr. President, and more power to you.

(via: My Right America)

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