‘Nasty Women’ Leave D.C. Completely TRASHED After Women’s March

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There are certain images the media want you to see… 

For example, the big Women’s March Saturday. They tell us that hundreds of thousands of peaceful, decent women assembled for an appeal to humanity, or some such nonsense. They give us images like this:


The truth though is something very different … These women decided to pack up and leave … leaving our nation’s capital a trash pit.


The embarrassing destruction spread as far as the eye could see. Don’t these women know how to pick up after themselves?


At one point, they started calling themselves “nasty women,” and given the destruction they left behind, we’d have to say they were right.


It was no accident, either. Take a look at one intersection, where they posted their nonsense signs and just left…

Who do they think have to clean up this mess?


CBS News ran a story headlined “What Democracy Looks Like” with glowing stories and photos of the event Saturday. Here’s some of their glowing piece:

Speakers today vowed that this was only the beginning, and though it was the stars that stole much of the spotlight, like Alicia Keys (“This girl is on fire!”), it will be the rank-and-file who determine whether this is a one-day flash-in-the-pan  … a day that included a chance for marchers to jeer at President Trump’s motorcade as it sped into the White House.

At the very least, for those who put their shoe leather and their hearts into the event, it will be a day that made history.

History that was very, very messy.

(via: The Federalist Papers)

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