Liberals Are FURIOUS Because The Trumps…Went Bowling?!

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Donald Trump Jr. posted a video on social media Saturday of his family using the White House bowling alley.

In the short clip, his wife, Vanessa, is seen bowling — heels and all!

“Family bowling session at The White House. [VanessaTrump] doing pretty well considering she’s in heels,” Trump Jr tweeted.

The bowling alley is used more by White House staffers, Secret Service and the occasional party loyalist than presidents. It’s not clear if former President Barack Obama ever used the lane, though he reportedly spent his 48th birthday bowling at Camp David.

Obama did catch grief for a plan to refurbish the two bowling lanes — one is in the basement of the White House under the North Portico and the second is in the Old Executive Office Building — with environmentally-friendly material. He eventually ditched the plan.

Of course, no fun is allowed when you have liberal snowflakes crawling out of their safe places by the thousands to protest the Trump presidency.

A scan of social media shows plenty of indignation from the perpetually offended that the Trump family would dare enjoy themselves while liberal women are in the streets marching against self-manufactured repression.

(via: BizPac Review)

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