Do YOU Agree With This Controversial Statement Trump Made About His Cabinet?

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Donald Trump told supporters that his cabinet has “the highest IQ” in history. The president-elect, speaking at an inaugural weekend luncheon, his first stop after landing in D.C. Less than an hour ago, received wild applause.

“We have, by far, the highest IQ of any cabinet ever assembled,” Trump said.

While there’s of course no way to verify his claim, there are many ways to try.

For example, Trump’s nominee to run the Dept. of Energy, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, would, if confirmed, replace nuclear physicist Ernest Moniz, who is an MIT professor.

Trump’s pick to be Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, would replace John King Jr. DeVos has a BA from a small Christian college, while King has a BA from Harvard, a Masters in Education from Columbia, a doctoral degree in Education from Columbia, and a law degree from Yale.

Yet education is not everything when it comes to common sense intelligence, something this country has long been lacking in its leadership.

Do you agree this is the most intelligent group to lead our country in a long time? Liberals everywhere are mocking this statement, while Trump’s supporters whole-heartedly agree.

(via: tncrm)

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