BOOM! Laura Ingraham Just Got ULTIMATE REVENGE On Tim Kaine.. And It Will RUIN His Career!

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You know, if there is one thing from this election that Democrats and Republicans could actually agree on, it was this: NOBODY LIKES TIM KAINE!!

Well, now Laura Ingraham, the legendary FOX News host, has a surprise in store for Kaine that’s gonna end his career…SHE IS PLANNING TO RUN FOR HIS SENATE SEAT IN VIRGINIA.

The rumor had floated a bit but was confirmed this morning by Ingraham herself while interviewing on FOX News.

Ingraham told FOX,

“I’m considering it. Yeah. Yep. I think it’s always good to mix things up. And I’ve been in Washington a long time, and I have a great respect for the Congress and institutions of government.

I’ve had a great privilege to serve the country in the judicial branch as a law clerk, at the executive branch for President Reagan, and it might be something I’m interested in.”

In case you didn’t already know, Ingraham served as one of Ronald Reagan’s speechwriters. She also worked as a Supreme Court clerk under justice Clarence Thomas. Pretty impressive resume, right?

Tim Kaine has every right to be scared. This election helped expose him as both weak and presumably crooked considering there is NO other reason the Democrats would have picked him.

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(H/T – Daily Mail)

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