Fox’s Krathammer Says Obama Sees Himself As A ‘God’, But Won’t After Krathammer Is Done With Him

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Obama has been doing all sorts of extreme crazy things in his last few weeks as president, from his crazy Israel deal, his Russia sanctions and now a 1.35 million acre land grab. He claimed that 1.35 million acres of land in Washington and Utah are ‘national monuments’. Fox’s Krauthammer pointed out how truly insane this is.

“This is about as anti-democratic as you can get. You were in office for eight years — you got your mandates — and on all of these issues… he is doing all these things that have been explicitly rejected by his own party,” Krauthammer said.

“Then he doesn’t have the courage of his own convictions, getting them done to lock in his successor. It’s very anti-democratic,” he pointed out.

“I don’t know about the merits of the case I would imagine that allowing mixed use and some exploration would be a good thing for the country, but Obama sees himself as God hovering over the country dispensing goodies to the extent that he’s got control,” explained Krauthammer.

“He figures, ‘I’ve got control here. No one can stop me, and it may be somewhat irreversible,’” said Krauthammer. Do you think Obama sees himself as God? Obama will be shocked when he leaves office, loses all his power, only to find out that nobody cares what he has to say and all the damage he caused is reversed.

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