Trump to Israel: ‘Stay Strong, January 20th Is Fast Approaching!’

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President-elect Donald Trump has sent a message of assurance to Israel ahead of a speech by John Kerry on U.S. policy towards peace in the Middle East.

Trump urged the Mideast democracy and longtime American ally to “stay strong” as his inauguration approaches.

A seeming wink and nod to Israel to ignore what Kerry says on Tuesday.













The incoming president, obviously angered by the Obama administration’s push on Israel and the Middle East with three weeks left to go in its term, lashed out t President Obama on Twitter.


Tensions have been high since the Obama administration failed to use its veto power at the United Nations to stop a resolution condemning Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

Israeli officials contend President Obama and his minions did more than merely abstain, blatantly accusing the administration of orchestrating the move.

(via: Bizpac Review)

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