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From Domestic Spying to Mainstream Media Government Propaganda, Proof no US Constitution now Exists

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More and more people are beginning to notice small private planes and helicopters circling their residences and neighborhoods at all times of the day and even in the late night hours after midnight. These planes will fly in circles around a certain area, sometimes for an hour or more at a time. If you have experienced this, you and your neighborhood are being scrutinized by the FBI and DHS as part of a domestic spying program that began shortly after the Patriot Act was enacted and went full steam ahead after Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

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This is part of a massive domestic spying program which includes the NSA monitoring every phone call, internet usage, and bank transaction made by all US citizens on a daily basis. The NSA is also responsible for the installation of cameras on every street corner in the country, which are also equipped with audio listening devices as well as equipment that monitors every cell phone conversation within range.

The spy planes are rented out at municipal airports across the country by the FBI and DHS under fake businesses. These planes are equipped with audio, visual, and cell phone tracking devices that are capable of monitoring our daily lives by keeping tabs on our phone usage via intercepting local phone towers and redirecting all calls to a device on the plane. They are also monitoring all internet usage and via infrared cameras, they are able to see what we are doing in our own homes. The sophisticated listening technology they possess, also makes it possible to hear everything going on within our homes.
There is a site where we can monitor every domestic flight in the air over the United States, most of the questionable flights will show up as simply N/A or the information will be unavailable.,-98.56/7

Domestic spying on US citizens by their own government is just a few examples of the civil liberties and constitutional rights we forfeited when the Patriot Act was instituted. Then with the green light given then, we gave up every remaining thread of the constitution we had left when Barack Obama signed NDAA into law in 2013.

Since then, we as US citizens have absolutely no constitution and the US government can do as it pleases because it no longer has to go by the constitution as a basis for the rule of law.
A provision added to the NDAA and passed in 2013, allows the government to propagandize its own citizens.

Today, many so called news sources such as CNN and MSNBC have become nothing more than government controlled propaganda machines who air false, or totally distorted news with the intention of influencing us, rather than simple reporting news and informing us.
We have Brian Williams as a prime example of the media lies and distortion of news, yet he is still employed when he should have been fired and barred from ever broadcasting news again.
We have a real problem with being propagandized in America today and we need to look no further than our main sources for news and most newspapers. It is virtually impossible to get any reported news items from these sources that isn’t slanted and or distorted to fit the US government’s political agenda.

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