BREAKING: Massive Pentagon Scandal Revealed In Leaks.. Washington ROCKED By Corruption

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Donald Trump is riding into Washington D.C. on the promise that he will “drain the swamp.”  Most in Washington are so entrenched in the system that they are either blind to the massive waste that occurs in every area of our government or they willingly engage in stealing from the American people to feed the bureaucratic behemoth.

A successful businessman will know how to lean out our government, but first he will need to find where the fat is so he can cut it out.

An old, hidden report has just surfaced that his shaking Washington up—who knows, Trump’s impending arrival may start to uncover all sorts of lies and cover-ups that will make his job a lot easier.

From The Washington Post:

The Pentagon has buried an internal study that exposed $125 billion in administrative waste in its business operations amid fears Congress would use the findings as an excuse to slash the defense budget, according to interviews and confidential memos obtained by The Washington Post.

Pentagon leaders had requested the study to help make their enormous back-office bureaucracy more efficient and reinvest any savings in combat power. But after the project documented far more wasteful spending than expected, senior defense officials moved swiftly to kill it by discrediting and suppressing the results.

The report, issued in January 2015, identified “a clear path” for the Defense Department to save $125 billion over five years. The plan would not have required layoffs of civil servants or reductions in military personnel. Instead, it would have streamlined the bureaucracy through attrition and early retirements, curtailed high-priced contractors and made better use of information technology.

Of all places we expect efficiency, the Pentagon needs to get on its toes.  The Left moans and groans about Trump’s plan to build a $5 billion wall, while hiding reports like this.  Americans should start imagining the waste and bloat that no longer goes to government inefficiencies and instead lands in their pocket to jump-start our ailing economy.

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