Retired Marine Explains Exactly Why Trump Won The Election

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Jessie Jane Duff is an energetic retired Marine who campaigned for President-elect Donald Trump and believes the new administration will turn America from President Barack Obama’s dangerous, failed national security and foreign policies.

A senior fellow at the London School for Policy Research and a frequent guest on Fox News, CNN and MSNBC discussing national security, veterans, military and economic issues, this Marine finds it “appalling” when “racist” epithets are cavalierly thrown at Trump supporters.

“The average white working class person is not thinking about hating other people. They are thinking about paying their bills, getting the food on the table, getting their kids a decent education and worrying about the next paycheck,” she says.

She left home at age 17 and served 20 years in The U.S. Marine Corps, receiving a variety of medals and awards, and retired a gunnery sergeant.

Duff thinks many women voters rejected former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton because they disapprove of open borders, unscreened refugees, political correctness and the inadequately-countered “war on police” by radical left groups.

Duff says many women felt a Clinton win threatened the real security of their own families.

This enthusiastic Trump surrogate singlehandedly busts up the notion of identity politics and polarization in politics as antithetical to America. She says, “We are not white, black, and Asian Americans. We are red, white and blue Americans.”

Duff was gratified to watch how Trump supporters embraced being called “deplorable” by  Clinton. “If what [Hillary Clinton] views as red, white and blue as deplorable, fine, then that’s who we are,” she says here in this exclusive video interview for The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Duff adds Trump’s cabinet nominees at the time of this filming are marked by “loyalty, integrity and character.” She was especially complimentary to Trump’s national security advisor, Ret. Lt. General Michael Flynn, as she thinks it is time to face Islamic extremism and Muslim Brotherhood with new clarity and less political correctness.

Duff decries the double standards of the progressive protesters who are only open-minded and tolerant until you disagree with them. She ends the interview with a message to the college “snowflakes” who are angry with Trump voters.

(via: Daily Caller)

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