POLL: Should Flag Burning Be a Felony Punished By Jail Time and Fines?

Should Flag Burning Be a Felony Punished By Jail Time and Fines?

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  1. I do not concidered the burning of a flag has anything to do with speech! I have defended the flag with my life! I took bullets to keep our flag! I still would defend the flag with my life. I spent my time drafted into the military defending it. For a street thug that would burn it should be shot for treason to our Country! What has he done for our country? More than likely smoked some pot. Used some drugs. Maybe gone to school because his daddy told him he had too. Been fed with a silver spoon. I feel strongly enough about this I think they should be shot on sight! This a reperesenitive of our Country being tore apart. I have yet personly came up on a person destroying our flag. I am not sure how I would handle it. Probally prison!

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