Liberals Are FREAKING OUT Over Trump’s Choice For New Cabinet Member

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Devout liberal Hillary Clinton backers and haters of President-elect Donald Trump have been losing their minds since their cravenly corrupt candidate lost the election, and their collective freak-out will only get worse as Trump settles into the transition period and prepares to take over the White House.

Part of that preparation is the building of his cabinet of close advisers and department heads, and a list of potential picks was quietly leaked recently for public consumption and vetting, according to BuzzFeed.

While liberals will in general oppose nearly all of the names on the list, there was one name in particular that really seemed to get under the skin of some.

The name belonged to none other than former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who has been floated as a possible secretary of the Interior Department, which of course prompted her liberal haters to take to social media to voice their displeasure at the suggestion.

The characterization of Palin as a dim-witted right-winger continued to flow on Twitter with a variety of GIFs.

To be sure, the hate wasn’t confined solely to Palin though, as others on the list were denounced in nearly equal measure, making them all out to be idiotic morons.

One person looked at the list of potential cabinet members and simply described it as “chaos.”

Of course, no cabinet positions have been officially named yet, and they will all have to be confirmed by Congress before really getting down to work anyways, so these freakouts from liberals regarding Trump’s potential cabinet are a bit premature.

But that’s never stopped them before.

(via: Conservative Tribune)


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