Assange JUST Released The New Wiki Leak Of 296 BRAND NEW Emails, Huma Committed Multiple Felonies!

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Judicial Watch released new emails that are showing MORE crimes of Hillary Clinton. The new emails are also showing how dirty and complicit Huma Abedin has been.

Huma has been Hillary’s top aide since before 2000, so she has been around all of her crimes and corruption. In these newly released emails, it is uncovered many things, but the main takeaway is that not only did Hillary commit and allow more crimes, her aide was right there doing the exact same things.

VIA End The Fed

To begin, one of the first things the email release highlights is that back in July, Huma Abedin testified in a deposition where she indicated that Hillary Clinton destroyed a ton of her schedules when she was Secretary of State.

Ask yourself, why would Hillary Clinton put hundreds of her own travel logs in a burn bag to have destroyed? The deposition also reveals that Abedin was “extremely careless” with a sensitivedocument, emailing another aide to let her know Clinton’s schedule was left sitting on a bed in an unlocked hotel room. They obviously do not care about keeping our secrets protected or they wouldn’t continue to be so careless.

To make matters even worse, WikiLeaks reveals that Huma Abedin had access to Hillary Clinton’s Secretary of State email address that wasn’t secured. Clinton often needed naps and clearly has a mental health issue, so she allowed Huma to use her email server to send replies and read what was coming through. To be clear, Huma did NOT have the clearance to operate under this capacity.

It gets much, much worse. In these emails from 2009, Doug Band, a Clinton Foundation official, pushed hard for an associate position. In the released emails, we can see Band sending emails to former aides under Hillary Clinton at the State Department Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin that it is “important to take care of [Redacted].

Band said we need to “take care of [redacted],” doesn’t that sound like a mob boss wanting to take someone out? Why would they redact his/her name when they turned over the emails if it wasn’t serious? The emails continue with Abedin telling Band that “personnel is sending him options.”

According to Judicial Watch:

A new document production is a 2009 email in which Band, directs Abedin and Mills to put Lebanese-Nigerian billionaire and Clinton Foundation donor Gilbert Chagoury in touch with the State Department’s “substance person” on Lebanon.  Band notes that Chagoury is “key guy there [Lebanon] and to us,” and insists that Abedin call Amb. Jeffrey Feltman to connect him to Chagoury.

 Chagoury is a close friend of former President Bill Clinton and a top donor to the Clinton Foundation. He has appeared near the top of the Foundation’s donor list as a $1 million to $5 million contributor, according to foundation documents. He also pledged $1 billion to the Clinton Global Initiative.  According to a 2010 investigation by PBS Frontline, Chagoury was convicted in 2000 in Switzerland for laundering money from Nigeria, but agreed to a plea deal and repaid $66 million to the Nigerian government.

What we are seeing is another major case of corruption. We see the actions of Clinton’s top aides’ getting favors for and setting up interactions with the Clinton Foundation, which are clear violations of the ethics agreements that Hillary Clinton agreed to when she was appointed as our Secretary of State.


Huma Abedin needs to go under oath again. And it is becoming embarrassing to the people that Hillary still be running for president and not behind bars.

Via UConservative

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