CNN Host Calls Trump Voters “Racist,” And Gets Knocked Out On Live TV

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On election night, we saw a lot of liberal heads explode in spectacular fashion, but we all know what it’s like when the initial shock wears off, it’s nothing but doubling down at worse, and backtracking at best.

Somehow, one CNN host managed to do both and look absolutely ridiculous doing it.

Van Jones, former White House advisor and now a CNN talking head, spoke, on election night, about how Trump’s victory was a “whitelash,” meaning a backlash by white people against a black President. He made headlines and liberals across the country shared his video. You can see it here if you’re new to this mess.

This on its face was a ridiculous assertion, as both candidates were white, and I sincerely doubt he’d be saying anything like that if Hillary won. It’s simply because Van Jones is repeating the tired accusation that Trump supporters are all racists. Yeah, real original.

Now, it seems that he doubled down on his “whitelash” comments in a new segment, but didn’t expect to get taken out by Mary Matalin, a Republican political consultant. She demands he take back his divisive comments and calls him out for his privileged upbringing. It’s absolutely vicious, and I can’t stop cheering.

And, just like any liberal in the wake of adversity, they fold like a pack of playing cards, as Van Jones soon afterwards said that Donald Trump could not have been a more gracious and compassionate human being after winning:

Yeah, I wonder what happened to all the “racism.” These people are a joke. Let’s get this out to make it clear that no matter how much they try, these liberal partisan hacks can never be trusted.

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