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Hillary Says Any Wikileaks ‘Bombshells’ Are Fake, Because She Knows She’s Been CAUGHT

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Over the past several months, the anti-secrecy organization WikiLeaks has released a slew of once-private emails it somehow obtained from prominent Democrat Party organizations and individuals, such as Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta.

Throughout the onslaught of near-daily revelations of embarrassing and incriminating evidence of collusion and corruption, Democrats have rarely if ever denied outright the authenticity of the emails being released, instead attacking the messenger and casting aspersions on Russia by accusing the Russians of stealing and manipulating the emails, something Russia adamantly denies.

But as we reach the final days of the 2016 election cycle, the tune sung by Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign has shifted somewhat, likely due to expectations that something really big and really bad is about to be dropped that could spell doom for Clinton at the last minute.

On Sunday morning, Clinton campaign director Jennifer Palmieri tweeted, “Friends, please remember that if you see a whopper of a WikiLeaks in the next two days — it’s probably a fake.”


Unfortunately for Palmieri, nothing that has been released thus far by WikiLeaks has been proven inauthentic. In fact, quite to the contrary, any messages that have been double-checked via digital forensics have been verified as the real thing.

This inconvenient fact was pointed out by WikiLeaks in a reply to Palmieri’s tweet, with the WikiLeaks Twitter account stating that the “Biggest ‘whoppers’ are those your campaign has been telling” and reminding Palmieri that the organization has a perfect record of never having to issue a retraction.


It remained to be seen what sort of “whopper” is in store for the Clinton campaign with just hours to go before Election Day, but considering how the campaign is seemingly bracing itself and attempting to get out ahead of it, it is quite possibly something huge that could very well be game-changing.

We, of course, will bring whatever it is to you as soon as possible so everyone can make as informed a vote as possible.

(via: Conservative Tribune)

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