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VIDEO: Whoopi Goldberg Tears Into Trump Campaign Manager – Instantly Regrets It When She Responds With THIS!

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Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump’s trusted campaign manager, appeared on the liberal talk show The View on Wednesday, and she was immediately attacked by nitwit hosts like Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar. Conway, however, quickly let them know that she wasn’t about to let them get the best of her.

Daily Mail reported that Conway and Whoopi immediately sparred over what’s “nasty,” Hillary Clinton’s tactics or those of Trump.

“Let me tell you what’s nasty!” Conway interjected, when Whoopi claimed Trump’s behavior had hurt people.

“Nasty is Hillary Clinton’s endless…” she continued, before being interrupted by Whoopi several times. “There are tens of millions of dollars in negative advertising as we sit here from Hillary Clinton.”

Behar called Conway “a nice Italian girl” who is also “delusional” when it comes to Trump and his rhetoric.

Conway began the segment by discussing how tight the race has become in the last few days.

“So many people should not have been getting their inaugural ball gowns and popping the campaign corks prematurely because you have to respect people, you have to give the American people a chance to exercise their choice and express their voice,” she began.

She went on to say that voters did not like being told that Clinton’s win was already a “done deal.”

“People tend to snap back and say, ‘That’s not really fair. I am going to vote for him,’” Conway said. “And I think Hillary Clinton got a little too comfortable, was waiting out her lead.”

“And we’re loving the ABC News poll,” Conway later said, since the poll has Trump in the lead and The View airs on ABC.

“Suddenly, you love the media now too right,” Whoopi jumped in sarcastically.

“Well, I’ve always been pro-media,” Conway replied.

“Uh huh. But you remember he said we were all crooked,” Whoopi fired back. “He said the media was crooked, the polls were crooked, everything was crooked and now he’s doing better because they’re neck and neck.”

“I’m just wondering will it be crooked again if it goes, if he slips in the polls, are we back to crooked?” Whoopi asked.

Conway said the answer was no, then added, “What I think you need to do is get ready for a chyron that says President-elect Donald J. Trump.”

That REALLY set Whoopi off!

“I don’t care if he ever comes back on this show myself,” Whoopi said. “I’ve been very clear about that. I’ve been very clear about that because we’ve asked him and he’s also been very nasty about people I care about.”

That’s when Conway silenced Whoopi with her own definition of “nasty.”

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(via: WebDaily)

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