WikiLeaks SHOCKER – Hillary Clinton Will Be FORCED To Stand Trial For This!

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The law is clear on this issue.

There is no grey area. Hillary’s Campaign cannot spin this. This will force her to stand trial.

Under no circumstances is it legal for a Campaign to collude with a SuperPac, on any level, under any circumstances.

Priorities USA is the largest Democrat SuperPac in existence. They are, as some would say, “the largest Democrat gorilla in the PAC jungle.”

A key player in this story is a person named Avie Glazer. Glazer is one of the top donors to a fund called the Hillary Victory Fund (HVF.) Donors can contribute mountains of cash to HVF. Some have called it a slush fund, as large sums of cash are often distributed to the Democrat National Committee and various campaigns.

Take a look at this graphic:


Again, campaigns are not allowed to collude with SuperPacs like Priorities USA.

Enter WikiLeaks.

The following “reminder” email reveals that the writer, named Latham, advised the Campaign Chairman that Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC) was to meet with Priorities USA SuperPAC (Priorities) along with Avi Glazer, also known as Avram Glazer and the Hillary Victory Fund (HVF.)

A meeting of this nature is illegal. HRC cannot meet with a SuperPAC.


The text of the leaked email message is clear and easy to read:

HRC Priorities mtg on Monday is w/Avi Glazer, both Priorities and HVF

A leaked email, a bombshell, of this nature, raises a number of questions.

Will our Government continue to ignore clear violations of the law? How will Obama, Comey, the FBI, and the DOJ react to this?

Will the news media ignore this revelation?

So far, the media seems more concerned with female Trump accusers rather than discuss CRIMINAL matters.

Will this smoking gun change the Election, or is the system just too “rigged” for justice to be served?

This video report explains the details and claims that “Hillary Clinton is finished!”

(via: I Have The Truth)

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