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VIDEO: Trump-Hating Reporter DESTROYED By Bill O’Reilly On Live TV

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Columnist Jennifer Rubin of The Washington Post crashed and burned when she made the mistake of going toe-to-toe with Fox News commentator Bill O’Reilly on “The O’Reilly Factor” Monday night.

She has in the past referred to O’Reilly as many things, none of them good. Once, she went so far to call O’Reilly a “fake news (person).”

However, when O’Reilly brought her on the air with him to discuss the comments she had made, she came up embarrassingly, laughably short.

At one point in the video, shown below, O’Reilly asked Rubin to cite where he had defended GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump’s alleged “lock her up” comment, which she accused him of doing.

“When did I make excuses for ‘lock her up?’” he asked.

Cue the stammering.

“Oh, um. Let’s see,” said Rubin. “Um. That would have been onnn … Uhhh … Let’s see if I have the date exactly … It would have been onnn … ‘Lock her up’ would have been onnn … In April and also in August. In August, rather in October, if you remember, Charles Krauthammer came on and had a very vivid –“

“Wait a minute,” interjected O’Reilly. “What did I say in April and August? What exactly did I say?”

Of course she had no idea.

“Well, we could go through all of them,” she countered.

“No, I want that one,” asserted O’Reilly.

“Which one in particular?” she asked.

He didn’t care. “April or August.”

Resume stammering: “OK. Um … let’s see. In August, um, let’s see … Um … We had comments that you were going to … ‘If someone is being really dishonest,’ referring to the press corps, you would strip them of their credentials as well. It doesn’t sound like an independent thing …”

Nor does it sound like anything remotely related to what O’Reilly asked for.

“That doesn’t have anything to do with ‘Lock her up,’” he said. “You are ill-prepared for this interview, Miss Rubin.”

“No, I’m not. I have a list here,” she said.

A list from which she was utterly, laughably unable to produce the one thing she was asked for.

“Miss Rubin,” said O’Reilly, “I have just given you a minute where you hemmed and hawed. You said I justified a comment, ‘Lock her up.’ You can’t point to it. And then you pivot to something else. You are ill-prepared for this. And this is the point I want to make. Your column and blog are a fraud …”

She then threatened to put the list up on her blog which, according to NewsBusters, never happened.

Watch the interview; seriously, it’s fun.

(via: Conservative Tribune)


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