Tim Kaine Rally Proves EXACTLY Why We Need To Worry About Voter Fraud

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Hillary Clinton’s got about as much crowd enthusiasm as a group of folks waiting for a root canal in a dentist’s office.

And about as many.

While Donald Trump’s rallies number in the thousands, a Clinton rally featuring Tim Kaine in must-win Florida.

Keep in mind that on Sunday, Trump spoke to a crowd that numbered 20,000 people.

So when the “Stronger Together” bus stopped in that state to hold a rally, an intrepid Trump supporter noticed how… Spartan… the crowd really is. Take a look at the video:


As the guy who made the video points out it’s difficult to imagine that Hillary Clinton is going to win a state where she can barely assemble enough people to fill a small classroom, much less a stadium.

Remember, at Donald’s rally in Tampa Monday, he drew an estimated 20,000 people.

The polls show a very close race, Investor’s Business Daily’s poll (usually held up as one of the most reliable) showed Trump up by two points, while other national polls show Hillary Clinton slightly up.

(via: The Federalist Papers)

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